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Here is my Fiverr Story - Why I went from a buyer to a seller who still buys :)


Like a lot of people here, I am married and have a beautiful daughter. She is nine years old ( recently! ) and I would do anything to make life easier for us.

I used to do free lance website design on the side and would frequently purchase on Fiverr for graphic art work I didn’t have the time to do. Recently my wife lost her job and I had to make more money faster to supplement our income. A few months back, around Christmas, our car got repossessed because we couldn’t make the payments. Our house payment was late and things were looking grim. We told our daughter the car was in the shop for repairs.

We cut back our expenses and I started selling on Fiverr. I’m not a power seller and only recently got to level 2 seller, but the extra income and our cost cutting have helped us immensely! I am able to pay at least one to two bills with our Fiverr money each month without it affecting our limited income. We got our car back and house payments taken care of.

I’m thankful for Fiverr for being that source of supplemental income that is helping me keep our family afloat during our difficult times.

Were still barely keeping our heads above water, but it is above water. Without this it wouldn’t be.

I still buy on occasion here because I think Fiverr is the best place to find quality work from people who mean well.


Thank you for sharing your story and I think you are like many her (myself included) that your Fiverr income is to get you over that financial hole at the end of the month. Keep up the good work and keep posting on how you are doing


Great to her that Fiverr is benefting you greatly. I hope your situation only gets better!


Happy to hear that you fixed your home problems.


If your background is web design why don’t you offer website and blog page design. people will pay way more than $5 for it. Some will pay $5 to $10 per page for basic pages without the bells and whistles. But there’s many that will hire you for large projects. Also, another suggestion would be to offer a website and blog advice gig. Maybe even offer a code writing gig if you’re good with HTML or CSS code. There’s a lot of things you could do. The world is at your fingertips. Whatever you do just have fun doing it. :slight_smile:


Not a bad idea. I got burned out on website design a while ago. I’m trying to focus on gigs I can churn out quick.

I think I may make a new gig though :slight_smile:


I used to have a good income from fiverr before a few months, but now i have experienced a big drop in my sales. Dunno why!