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Here is my profile if anyone can tell me what I can improve

Hi! I’m a new seller of Fiverr and while I don’t expect to get orders immediately - I’m not getting a single view or anything - my stats are flat zeros across the board. I’m wondering if this is normal? And how long it usually takes (I’m offering digital art commissions if that helps) to gain any interest on the platform.

Here is my profile if anyone can tell me what I can improve -
(I’ve tried to take Skill Tests but when I click the topic I want to try, nothing happens as if its broken. So that isn’t an option for me atm it seems.)

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You can always improve those stats from zero by marketing and promoting your services to your target customers who need digital art commissions. Zero stats means that no one is visiting your gig. You need to find the people you wish to serve, and show them how to find the services you offer.

Promoting your gigs – the gigs of any seller for that matter – is not what Fiverr does. Fiverr is merely a catalog listing of independent freelance sellers and their services. It is up to each seller to find ways to connect to their target customers.

How long this takes, generally depends upon how determined you are to connect to your target customers. You have some great work… you just need to connect to your target customers. And I can’t really tell you how to do that, because your market is not the same as mine, and the needs of my clients, are not the same as the needs of yours.

Who do you think needs your work, and where do you think you could find them?

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Start by sending Buyer requests and also include words like ‘anime characters’ or ‘cartoon’ etc in the gig description because people who need such art don’t search for ‘chibi’ or anything specific like that.