Here is the car I paid off using Fiverr


Hello everyone, I just wanted to stop by and give a shout out to Fiverr.

I am currently a missionary in Cape Town, South Africa and I have been here for about 5 years. We work with those that have been affected by drug addiction and gangsterism.

Recently I was in need of a car so I stepped out to buy one. I had one more payment to go and thanks to my fiverr gigs of voice overs, Dj drops and radio ads I was able to generate enough sales to be able to make the last payment on my car.
Not only that but I became a level 2 seller in the process.

Thanks fiverr your services are making a difference all the way in South Africa.

God Bless you
Pastor Dre

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Thankful for Fiverr

Congrats sir, i have also been planning to get one, but not been successful so far as i had a lot of other expenses.


Thank you. Keep at it, it will come.


Congrats for Your success :slight_smile: Hope our dream also comes true soon :slight_smile:


First there was Dr. Dre, and now we have Pastor. Dre.


Thank you appreciate the love and shout out. Keep at it, it will come.,


HaHa I know right. Thank you for the shout out.


congrats @pastordre . we’ll be taking tips from you very soon. :slight_smile: :wink:


Thanks for the shout out. Would love to connect with you.


Congratulations and best wishes for your success!


That’s a beauty! Congratulations!


Congratulations Pastor ,i’m also from South Africa making it here on fiverr. Thank God for you for the work you are doing changing lives.


Oh wow, congrats!

I am in Saldanha, South Africa. I was born in Cape Town and lived there until 2011.

And I am 8 years clean from drugs and alcohol, so congrats on all the great work you do. I also do a bit of work with people in our area, not exactly a formal thing but people know I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict and contact me for help and advice.


Thank you for the shout out misscrystal


Thank you mzie88 for the shout out and the kind words. God Bless you.


Wow!!! lynnehuysamen that is Awesome to hear keep up the good work and my you continue to reach out and help people.


Thanks @pastordre and yes I am always reaching out. I do Youtube videos about my addiction and I have a blog about it too. One of my passions and it makes my recovery stronger to be able to reach out to others.


Such a beautiful car <3 love it.


Thank you wp_kid I appreciate the shout out.


It’s always motivating to see threads like this. Congratulations! Keep up the great job and happy holidays!