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Here is the key to what your really want... SALES

Are you one of the many small business owners frustrated by slow sales? You have a high quality product or service, but you can’t seem to get large numbers of people to buy it and keep coming back to buy more. You advertise, you do social marketing, you buy mass promotion Fiverr Gigs and still the sales don’t take off.

Frustrating right?

You’re not alone. I’m here to tell you what the real problem is.

AND I’m here to provide you with the solution, the “key” to explosive sales.


Yes, not modest sales growth, but EXPLOSIVE sales. Isn’t that exactly the thing you really want? You may seek out Likes, Followers, Tweets, Pins, etc…, but at the end of the day, that’s not what you really want because those things aren’t legal tender, and so can’t be used to pay the bills and buy the things you want in life. So when you get right down to it, what you really want is SALES.


If you offer a high quality product or service, you probably thought that once you advertise it widely and get it in front of your ideal target market, that it should sell very well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. You see, there is a special dynamic that determines what makes a product or service sell well or sell poorly.

That dynamic, is the “PERCEIVED VALUE” of what you are selling – whether prospective customers “perceive” it as being “Ordinary” value or “Xtraordinary” value (“E” omitted intentionally). What you personally think about it doesn’t matter anywhere near as much, as what your prospective customers think about it.

You see, when there are dozens, hundreds or thousands of different places (within easy reach) that someone can buy the same high quality product or service you sell (or its quality equivalent), the high quality factor is NOT a differentiator, so the product or service is still perceived as being “ordinary” value by prospective customers.

Xtraordinary Value, unfortunately, is rarely “intrinsic”, meaning it’s rarely a natural quality of the product or service. So you have to get creative and find a way to embed the required Xtraordinary Value into your products and services.

Unfortunately, you can’t just buy a $5 can of “Xtraordinary Value” in a hardware store and just spray it on the clothes in a boutique, for example, to suddenly make them be perceived as having “Xtraordinary Value” and thus cause them to “jump off the racks” amid a shopping frenzy. But wouldn’t it be great if it were that easy?

THE “X” FACTOR – The Key To Explosive Sales

So what exactly CAN you do to make your product or service be perceived as Xtraordinary Value by the vast majority of prospective customers? There is no single solution, but some are more practical than others.

IMPRACTICAL - If you’re a boutique owner, you could make a deal with a celebrity and create an offer that says “Get a 15-Minute Coffee Date with (Celebrity’s Name) with every $100 you spend at this boutique”. While that would definitely cause every single piece of clothing in your boutique to be “perceived” as Xtraordinary Value and would probably cause a stampede of customers fighting to spend $100 in your store, it’s not financially practical, since you couldn’t afford to pay a celebrity to spend all of their time sipping coffee and making small talk with your customers.

So what then?

Since lots of business owners have the same “Slow Sales” problem, it makes sense to develop a solution that works just like the celebrity offer (well not quite – no stampede!), but is financially practical and almost as easy as the can of XV Spray I mentioned earlier.

So if it’s Explosive Sales you want rather than likes, views, tweets, followers etc., at a very practical price point ($5), just check the gig at the link below to secure your own “Xtraordinary Value add” solution, the real Key to Explosive sales.

I look forward to helping you transform your sales performance.