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Here is your idea helper in game development

Are you developing a game and out of ideas?

I have qualified ideas for improving your game and making more attractive to gamers.


Please do not self promote.

@guymastrion here is for advertising gig’s. I can share in here!

My bad, Didn’t see that :sweat_smile:

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Make some new and amazing that makes the world crazy. :green_heart:

@guymastrion thats okay :slight_smile:

@sa_classydesign thank you dude :slight_smile: I have plenty of ideas but i dont have enough equipment for making them real. So, I’ll sell my ideas until making money for buying necessary Equipments. Then I’ll work as a game developer. :wink:

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i am not very well know about games but make sure to use google it , its helps better than me :palms_up_together:t3:

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@sa_classydesign that’s okay. thank you for advice :slight_smile:

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:green_heart:always pleasure

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