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Here\'s a way to get more customers to leave a positive review. :)

If your customer’s aren’t taking a moment to leave a positive review after you’ve completed the sale, you might consider giving them a little incentive. When you deliver your order, offer them something free as a token of appreciation for taking the time to leave a positive review.
You could offer to “Tweet” about them, their company, or a product they’re promoting. Besides helping them, it also serves as a way to promote your Fiverr gig. So, it’s a win-win situation.
You could say something like,
"Thanks for buying my gig! As an extra bonus, if you leave me a positive review here on Fiverr, I’ll “Tweet” a link to my followers about your business, product, or website. Just leave me a message,and let me know what you’d like me to "Tweet."
Of course, you still have to make sure that you’re giving them a great product, but sometimes that isn’t enough and they need a little push. What do you do to get your customers to leave a positive review?

  1. Immediately contact buyer and request him to reconsider his/her review and ratings and try to please buyer to resolve all issues.
  2. Offer him some extra services/bonus.
  3. If all of this these tricks are not working then offer him a refund. If he agree then ask him to send a removal request of the negative rating to fiverr support or do it yourself. But you need a message from you buyer that he has no objection.
  4. If all of these failed, then sorry. You have nothing to do. Try to increase your order more and more so that it doesn’t hurt your 100% rating. For example if you have 1000 good ratings and 1 or 2 bad ratings that doesn’t decrease your 100% ratings, because it’s fractional.

This feels all kinds of greasy to me. I know you make it sound like it’s just expressing gratitude, but what it really looks like a bribe. The best way to get reviews is to ask for reviews. I ask my clients to review me in the audio recording that I send them, and I also ask them to review me in the message sent at time of delivery. Extras, free gifts, etc. - from the buyer’s perspective - often leave them feeling like they need to take a shower. Don’t offer gifts for positive reviews - just do a really good job.

Providing gifts, bonus, refund etc? Then why don’t we start work for free? Agree with @jamesbulls. If you have done great job, buyer will give positive feedback. In case people just forget about it, ask them for review.
The way you’ve mentioned, (in some cases) sounds like begging for the review.
I only provide bonus when a buyer give a tip at the end of order. As of mine, this bonus is reasonable.

Actually, I have 6 bad ratings and almost 1000 ratings and my thingie is at 98%, go figure. Those 6 bad ratings are either late delivery due to illness or buyer stupidity.

Your tips are otherwise terrible. Are you trying to disguise being not that great at what you do by hoping an avalanche of free stuff will make you look better? As for the begging for a 5-star review, you’re compounding this.

This is one of the many reasons I would not use Fiverr to outsource. I’m paying for a goddamn job to be done well, not to have my crack cleaned by an army of begging sycophants.

Honestly, just do a good bloody job every time and don’t worry about those who don’t leave reviews and don’t stress if you meet the random jackass. I can usually win by strength of argument and free advice (worded professionally…) or, if they get the swearing and insults out, by dint of customer support.

Stop trying to game the system–you’re gaming yourself and making it worse for the rest of us by encouraging the awful buyers to come out and play.

not a bd idea for those more than picky buyers. Usually in my experience, i tend to do a great job, so much that my buyers never have issue leaving possitive reviews, but upon delivery of the order, i thank them, let them know how my experience with them was and of course ask nicely if they would like to leave me some feedback. it’s worked well till now. nevertheless there’s a first for everything, so i will keep this advice in mind when faced with a problematic buyer.

sellers should never grovel, sound nor look inferior when offering service, its what make the annoying ones threaten to have a refund even after a perfect job delivery.
as much as the review is as important as the pay, focus on delivering worldclass jobs and and if its appreciated enough, you’ll have the deserving review .
You can smuggle your way to 100% but bribes wont keep you there… i gave up on the buyers who leave me 4-4.5* after a lot of work … i gave up on them, i just improve my work and i know i’ll get better, i always will.

Buyer can change his review anytime. If you get negative feedback then you should offer him bonus services for free by message.
Beside if you havn’t fault in your service and you gave him your best 100%, still getting negative feedback then you should contact customer support to remove feedback.

WHY? CS only remove reviews with good reason. You think your bribery is going to incline them? If a buyer is being misleading, threatening and aggressive, you bet that review will be gone.

Holy Shitballs. Is this like being the bullied kid at school who voluntarily gives up his lunch money so the bullies won’t come back the next day? That doesn’t work. You know what does? Giving that bully a punch in the face.

Not literally, and everything must be case-by-case, but free bonus services for unwarranted negative feedback? HOLY SHITBALLS.

This forum needs a dislike button. I’d love to see the red arrows/thumbs fly…

…or even better, a 5 star system graded like the one we have now. Ooh, that would tickle my funnybone!

Which is worse; gifts and groveling or 100% negative feedback? It may be a choice for a very new seller without many sales.

Never, if a buyer gives me a negative review and it bothers me, I will send him a message with the following: “If you remove that negative review, I will give you a refund.”

Just make sure you don’t reply the review before you do. Buyers can’t remove reviews when they have replies.

So are refunds. Nobody needs to gift and grovel. Some buyers are on a power trip, and they may well pick weak victims. It’s better to educate the victims to stand up and say ‘well, no, actually’.