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Here\'s one reason Top Sellers rise to the top!

Today I looked through some Top Seller gigs and found a 3k+ Seller who had a 1 star review amid a sea of 5 stars. The review was ridiculously unfair. Worse than anything I ever experienced.

The Top Seller wasn’t affected by the unfairness, he kept working and getting 5 stars. Then it hit me. I expect all Buyers to be fair, while the Top Seller expects unfairness to occur. I’m changing my expectations and plowing ahead on my quest to become a Top Seller. Wish me luck!

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I think you actually have a good point. Fear of getting a bad review can easily hold us back. I know that I have a tendency also to spend much more time that I should on smaller orders because I really love seeing a buyer happy, and I’m proud of that. It hits me in the pocketbook, though, when I go a little too far with that. I could see someone doing the same thing in an attempt to get perfect (and fair) reviews but that keeps your sales numbers and your profits lower. There must be a middle road in there. Perhaps I aspire to be an NTRS (Nearly Top Rated Seller) :wink:

True, if you’re doing quality work, you will have more positive reviews than negative ones. The same goes with having a friendly-refund policy, you’ll lose money but maintain your reputation.

Best of Luck! I want to add something to your quest. In order to become a TRS you should also visit fiverr blog and communicate with other fiveree. Expand your activities on fiverr and you will soon become a TRS. :slight_smile:

Off topic, but were you featured on a podcast recently? It was the first one I had ever listened to and thought it was great! :slight_smile:

Were you looking at my profile? :smiley:

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True, you can’t satisfy everyone so do your best and treat every order equally

This is not a good way to promote yourself. Take the time to find your target customers, and promote to them. Do not beg for sales. Sellers who beg for sales on the forums, usually end up not being successful – because they are wasting they aren’t spending their time managing their gigs like a business.

If you want to be successful, YOU need to set goals, and reach them. No one is going to purchase from you out of pity. Market and promote yourself professionally. Think like a businessman, not a random seller with a gig.

You can not satisfy everyone, just try your best and keep over delivering.

Quality work and timely deliveries is the key to success on fiverr

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