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Here's a Broadcast Release I use


Only after full and un-obstructed receipt of monetary compensation of $_________ , for Fiver Order # __________ I, the undersigned, agree as follows:

I, YOUR NAME, aka YOUR USERNAME on, grants a non-transferable license for full broadcasting, which includes internet, radio, and TV “paid channels” including (by way of example): television commercials, radio commercials, internet radio, and music/video streaming platforms, and strictly excludes any illegal, immoral or defamatory purpose.for the commercial use in radio, television, and internet broadcasting platforms to BUYER’S NAME, and USERNAME, as known as on

(signature, parent or legal guardian signature if under 18 years)
Printed Name : ************* aka MATUREACTRESS on
Date :

As far as I know, Sellers are on their own to compile this document however they see fit and I feel this one is simple yet ensures we’re not giving up rights for orders where the Buyer did a chargeback or cancelled; while borrowing some of Fiverr’s own recently updated TOS legalese on the matter. Should a Buyer not want to reveal his true identity, I feel that he is adequately identified by the use of the Fiverr Order # and his username. However, Fiverr’s TOS has a disclaimer that pretty much says the responsibility of ensuring this rights transfer is legally airtight lies solely with the Buyer. So, if the Buyer doesn’t want to reveal their identity, that’s their prerogative.

Mod Note (FH): Personal data removed from public view.


Thank you for sharing. Did you happen to run this by CS since the exchange of personal info is a tricky subject?

I would use this without any personal information, just to avoid issues with CS. Thank you for sharing!

Without the Seller’s name and signature, a Broadcast Release and Commercial License is worthless to the Buyer in a US court of law. Fiverr’s legal team knows this too and it’s allowable per the recently updated TOS

Sellers can structure both of the “Rights Buy-Outs” documents however they want. The Broadcast Release I’ve posted is a work in progress and I’ll be building onto this one over the coming weeks, so visit this post often, you are free to use my version.

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