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Here's a great way to rip off Sellers!

First bait your hook, message a Seller and tell him you have a really, really big project. You might even want to throw some big number$ in there, you know, like a big fat, juicy worm. Within a few minutes, an hour at the most, you’ll have a nibble… your Seller messages you back with questions. If he sounds polite and professional, then you’ve got yourself a prize catch indeed! Of course answer his questions, yada yada yada, then at the very end is when you set your hook! Here’s how. Tell him you need a sample/audition because you’re considering other Sellers; sometimes you don’t even have to mention the other Sellers because Fiverr is like a shark tank and you’ve just dumped in a bucket of chum. At this point the overly-eager Seller will message you back asking what you need in the way of a sample/audition. Go ahead and give him the details of everything you want, he hasn’t caught on at this point because he’s so hungry for an order he can’t think straight. Now, you can sit back with a beer and wait for your free work to arrive as an attachment. You’ll be surprised at how fast he’ll get it to you too. Awesome, right? The best part is when you put a whole project together like this, mark it up, and sell it to a client. Pure freakin profit!!! And don’t sweat getting into any trouble with Fiverr, I swear to you that NOBODY there is paying attention. Now, the next part is completely up to you. You can write to the sod and tell him that you feel bad, but you went with another Seller. Then if you’re really clever, you’ll tell him you have another project he might be interested in!

I realize that some of you Buyers might be thinking… “yeah, but what if he puts a watermark or something on it?” Trust me on this, that rarely happens because Sellers on Fiverr undervalue their work.

Humorous sarcasm. The point of my post is that we should not give our work away under ANY circumstances. If a Buyer wants a sample/audition of your work done to THEIR specifications, then they need to pay you for it. C’mon folks, of course there will be times you need to give a free sample/audition, but it should be to YOUR SPECIFICATIONS NOT THEIRS!


ups? :smirk: Speechless. And from which ghetto do you have that post from? :joy:


It doesn’t work with a seasoned seller, but based on the posts I’ve seen on this forum I think it does work with some desperate sellers. Oh well, some learn from their own mistakes and some learn from others.


That is why I totally refuse to do samples or references. You have to trust me. End of story.


It shouldn’t be a trust issue even for genuine buyers.
Every professional seller has a portfolio on Fiverr or off Fiverr. If the portfolio is not enough then you can always create a custom offer for the sample work.

For example, I usually order logo designs without a vector first. If I like the design then I pay for the vector, but the seller still gets paid for the design.


It’s not that they’re not paying attention. I’ve asked them once, and they told me that it’s not against the rules to ask for free samples. Sellers should be aware that there’s no guarantee that they’ll get paid if they choose to offer free samples, but that’s about it; there’s no rule, like on other platforms, forbidding this. So, there’s nothing to report.


I really don’t mind giving a sample, it only takes me some minutes. In fact, I offer a 200 word sample in my translation gig but the buyer has to read all the way down to FAQ to know it. Of course, I won’t provide it in word or any editable file, I’ll send the buyer a watermark sample as a protected PDF file.


For my sort of gig, the sample is half of the solution - so many people think they can take it and do the job themselves. I tried it and got no further orders!!!

Well, in your case, you’re right not giving samples :smiley:


There is a food court near where I live which has 10 food outlets and every day I go to a different one and ask for a sample of the food. I haven’t paid for a dinner in 3 years. Cannot believe they fall for it every time - you would imagine any smart person would realize after the first time!



Speaking through my experience and in honor of truth, nobody has yet asked me for a sample, not even I offering it through BR. If all buyers came asking for a sample just to get free work done, this shouldn’t be happening - I think.

Maybe buyers in some categories are… how may I put this… :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some do, mostly new ones. Many don’t. Those that do either learn the hard way or they just keep giving away freebies, which is not a ToS violation. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Of course, it’s always nice to use a “funny” post to help buyers rip off new sellers… Or maybe it’s not? I’m not too clear on your intentions here. If it is to warn those new sellers, there are probably nicer ways.

I’m a lyric writer so sometimes i offer to send a new client a quick 4 bars i cooked up for them based on their topic and beat selection. 90% of the time they hit me back up satisfied and we immediately set up an order so i can complete the work.

Sure i have a 4 bar gig option for $10 but it’s usually used for writing hooks. I simply tell the other 10% who aren’t satisfied or choose to go another route, no worries i could use the lyrics in a later project.

Other times i just simply turn down clients if i don’t like the beat selection or topic. I think i turned down at least 5 people this weekend but ended up scoring a nice project to work on.

Fiverr is a real big competitive marketplace indeed, but after doing 1 sample for a client, with the promise of a big project to come, I learned my lesson and I don’t do samples anymore, no matter who’s asking and why.

The problems with this are:
A. Fiverr don’t watermark your work unless it’s a picture. You can’t watermark your work cause it’s considered as unfinished work and therefor you can’t deliver it (TOS kinda thing)
B. Sellers here tend to underestimated their work here because for most of the time, their work here, and it cost are way under the market value elsewhere. It has its effect.

Maybe they changes their replay but I know and been told that you can provide free work. Free work no money for Fiverr.

I build chatbots so my sample/demo is my bot link.

How can they copy that?

Yep. (my experience, after giving a sample, the buyer just says thank you and then disappears forever). I forgot to give the watermark to the sample.

and other events, after I gave the watermark, the buyer was angry because the buyer thought I was seizing the copyright. :crazy_face:

just saying, any protected pdf can be cracked. If you send out something, be prepared you lost any IP for that.

In my opinion, only send random samples, and not samples the buyer asked for. In this way, he can’t really use that sample.

The type of sample you’re willing to give - if any - and the way to do it, depends on the category you’re in. It’s not a one size fits all.

Perhaps, in case you ever think again of giving a sample, speaking to your buyer before sending the sample, explaining how you’ll do it and what to expect of it, could avoid the thought of you seizing copyright material.

As I said, I’m finding that buyers in some categories like yours are… I still can’t find a nice word to describe them… :smirk:

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Any buyer willing to get free work will do it either way (with or without asking for a sample). At least, with a protected file, they’ll have to work a bit harder and spend more time if they really want a free work. Besides, I rather give free samples than setting pre-made ones on my gig and seeing them stolen and showcased in other gigs. As I said previously, no buyer has yet asked me for one, not even through BR, and that says a lot of buyers in my category.

As for random samples. When I joined Fiverr, I didn’t even think of giving samples but then I started to see all these buyers complaining of being sent google or whatever other software-based translations. Sending pre-made random samples won’t build confidence in this skeptical buyers, they need a “live” translation and I understand that. Random translation samples don’t assure what someone offers in a translation gig.