Here's a great way to rip off Sellers!


I absolutely agree with this. I’m a very new seller, and honestly I’m assuming we’re all here because we need some income on the side. I’m looking out for tips not horror stories.
I suppose it was an… entertaining :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… way to go about it though. I definitely do not undervalue my work, and I’m hoping no buyer gets a hold of me with my pants down.


No, we’re not employees, we are tenants and Fiverr is the landlord. The fee Fiverr charges us, is the rent we pay for using his platform. Just as if you rented a shop space in a Mall, or anywhere else, for you to sell your goods or services.


I agree with this, though I would use the word independent contractor for what we do on Fiverr. Commission does not imply that we are employees or that Fiverr is a staffing agency.


Yes, we’re independent contractors. I skipped pointing this out after denying us being employees. Maybe I didn’t use my words correctly trying to explain the virtual contractual relantionship between Fiverr and us. My apologies!

Anyway, as independent contractors, we’re still tenants and Fiverr the landlord, being commision the rental fee.

Thanks for your remark :smiley:


I copy the text of my gig and paste it into the message. Here is a sample of my writing. Done! LOL Seriously, my gig has a PDF sample in my portfolio if they bother to read it.


probably small orders can be swept but not big . I have been in fiverr and people have been good so far !


Fiverr qualifies as an agency under US individual state regulations because they take a percentage of what is earned from our labor, and they advertise our labor in ads on Facebook. The fact that we are independent contractors is irrelevant. We are not tenants, in a mall. We are not employees. We are only regarded as Work-for-Hire under certain circumstances defined in Fiverr’s TOS. Fiverr is not solely a “platform”, it is also an agency and thus it’s fiduciary should be with Sellers. I made that point in my original post.


If you must offer sample to convince your buyer then screenshot it with your phone and make sure its not so clear. My niche is graphics design and I have been a victim so I don’t like doing samples at all.


Very insightful post.


Good for you that you value and protect your work! Those Sellers that allow their work to be stolen are also allowing revenue to be lost by all of us.


It even gets better.

The really fun part is you can rinse and repeat this with other sellers, maybe giving them different parts of your project to work on as “sample/audition”, and when all is said and done you will probably end up with a fully completed project without having spent a dime.

Please, sellers, no matter how big a project they say they intend to award you, DON’T do any work for free as sample.


Just deflected a cancellation. Probably a misunderstanding. Got a 4.7. Oh well. Because it’s my fault the buyer wasn’t clear on what he wanted. He wanted me to list peer sites for his supplements. What the?! But they have your competitor’s ads on them! Oh well, he’ll be out of business in 2.


I had one recently…wanted me to email her off of Fiverr and of course wanted a sample (yet the project was for $300). So the prize is big yet you can’t pay for a $5 sample to audition? I sent her my demo in lieu of her script (on fiverr of course) and naturally didn’t hear back.

I agree with not doing any work for free.


I give free sample, and I don’t mind for this. Just because I sending samples, not the final project, just to the buyer taste a little of the quality of my work, then if they want the proper service to be done, I’ll charge them.


Isn’t that what our demos are for? Just curious…how many jobs have come from the times that you sent free samples?


just a few.

Sometimes I give free samples without the buyer asking (if it’s a quick job) to show them the quality of my service.

I never deliver the final project/files before the order is place.

I trust the quality of my services, the reason most of these who receive free samples, they order from me at the end.

but it all depends on the service you offer.


Yeah Fiverr favors the buyers because sellers don’t give them money. lol


Umm… yes… sellers DO “give them money”. We create our own gigs for the services we wish to offer, and whenever there’s a completed order, Fiverr keeps 20%, and we keep 80% of that sale. Therefore, without sellers, Fiverr makes no profit.


The post should be called “Here’s a great way to accept being ripped off”.

Sellers are grown-ups. They know what they are doing. If they offer free samples, it’s a known risk they are taking. If they wanna do it, let them do it. I personally don’t offer free samples, but that doesn’t mean somebody else can’t offer them and be successful with it.

While I do understand that at certain things it seems that buyers have upper-hand, we should not forget we are here by our own CHOICE and we can leave whenever we please.

I personally don’t get people that complain while making money. You are not doing charity work, you are not here by force. Don’t you like the money you are making or how you make them? Change platform, prices, services, whatever it takes. Playing the victim doesn’t solve anything and never will.

I know this isn’t 100% related to this topic, but boy oh boy some sellers here are such cry babies.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: This is a great way to put your point forward. As for me, I have my portfolio to support my work. So, I always do that. I will never work for FREE.

It’s not only work, there are buyers who will keep on “Fishing” trying to get ideas / know how as to how / what can be done. I never do that, like which theme I use for WP etc. None of the secret ingredients are ever given.

So, it is not just the project / work you need to be careful about - but also know-how’s.