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Here's a tip-- Don't get too lazy

Hey guys-- I’m back!!

Well, technically I’ve been off of vacation mode for nearly three weeks, but it was today that I decided I was actually going to try to get more orders and dedicate some more time to Fiverr. Here’s how the story goes:

I went on vacation from the very end of July to the first few days of August. I was just planning to be on vacation mode for no more than 5 days-- which quickly turned into two weeks, and then longer. But the thing is-- I really needed the break.

For those of you who don’t know, I just went into my first year of high school. That’s right, I’m a freshmen. The thing is, the school that I went to had different middle schools than the one I went to feeding into it-- so I went in not knowing anybody at all, really. I’ve been in school for three weeks now and I’ve made some new friends-- but this isn’t very important to the story.

Anyways, I kind of pushed Fiverr off to the side and I was only thinking of school and relaxing. This break resulted in two things-- a healthier, mentally and physically, version of myself and a month with practically NO sales( I had roughly 3 or 4 last month and haven’t gotten a review in 26 days). But I’m fine with it, I took the time to relax when I needed it most and it paid off!

But now it’s time to put my rear in gear and get to selling(my bank account is getting frightfully low and before I know it it’s gonna be Christmas).

The one MAJOR setback is that with minimal sales, minimal reviews come which means minimal exposure which means PLOP my gig is practically in the toilet. Now, I recently raised my price so getting some reviews is going to take flocking to buyer requests and offering my gig at 50% of the regular price just to get some more exposure. I’m fine with it, but it’s kind of a hit to the stomach.

Anyways, I’m excited to make a return to this platform after nearly a month of hiatus. Excited to be back!


Hey, welcome back! :bouquet:


Welcome back. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to see you back, I did wonder if we had lost you; thought perhaps you had made your fortune and had moved to Vegas to see out your retirement playing blackjack - $5 at a time.
Hope you have settled in to High School life and it was probably a good thing to really stay exclusively focused on that for a time.

I think perhaps me and a few others here could do with doing the same. I’ll not mention any names as that would not be fair on @writer99025 or @Woofy31


Haha…yeah, I am officially on vacation mode right now but working 12-14 hours as usual.


I did the same thing, I was off for over a month just got back last week. Its good to be back.

WELCOME :sunglasses:

Hiya Braden, :wolf:

Things will pick up again… I took a long vacay, too. A much-needed break with no regrets.
You’re a rock :star:! :sunglasses:



Hello Braden, welcome back!

I took a vac last month as well but one thing I did was have my messaging on at all times instead of turning the vacmod on.

It definitely helped and thankfully I’m back on track!

Welcome! Have a wonderful school year.