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Here's an Effing idea, tell me what you want and I'll write it!


As a writer on Fiverr, I’m absolutely sick of the, “Hi, I need content for my website crowd.” - No, you don’t you need a brain transplant asap!

What are you asking me for here? How do you think I am going to reply to this message? How on Earth after several consecutive messages can you still find a way not to tell me what you are actually asking for?

It goes like this: “Hi, I need content for my website.”

Me: "Hi, Sorry, you will have to be a little more specific. What website? What kind of content?

(Several messages later)

Idiot: “We sell drones.”

I mean I could be a smartass here and say fine, $20, and send a generic article about the life, times, and possible hanky panky escapades of Seven of Nine during her time with the Borg Collective. But no.

Instead, I just end up giving up and throwing buyers like this to the cesspit of buyer requests where they belong. Really, though, how can people be so bleeding dim?


Driving on the highways with them is the real problem.


You need a questionnaire.


You never know. You might have gotten a “BEST stuff ever!” Seriously, you might want to save that idea - it might come in handy someday.

Maybe it’s the water.

Posting a Buyer Request isn’t much better either. 8 responses and not one actually clearly explained what they were offering. In fact, 7 of them sounded like the same person.

The scary thing is, people are starting to talk like that. Face to face.


We all get that…

Hi, I need a brand name.

Hi, do you do write headlines for abattoirs?

Hi, I need an e-mail.

Hi, I need a flyer for a basketball clinic.

I used to get angry, now I just tell them to order or send them a custom offer. If you get angry, the following happens.

  1. They report you to CS and you get an account warning.
  2. They insult you and hire someone else.
  3. They hire you but you get a bad review or they ask for a refund.

Improving your gig description and being crystal clear can reduce the number of messages you get, but believe me, no matter what you do, the messaging fetishists will still message you.


There are occasions where you can add a tremendous amount of value by asking the right questions. People underestimate the complexity of selling drones or a marketing basketball clinics and then you can help them. Quite often to take your suggestions, let you do the work, use them, and they work. It’s not always worth your time, but it can be great fun.


We have very different ideas about what constitutes fun.


Very few of the people actually want to buy something. Or do something. Most just have nothing better to do than send obtuse messages.

… and then give out 1 star reviews and ask for a refund. :slight_smile:

Maybe Fiverr should start charging for requests.


Or let us charge per question.


Shhhh, let sleeping dogs lie, once they get the idea of charging for more things they might start with requests and questions and not stop with charging for beards…on both sides of the fence…


Never happened. (20c)


It will happen sooner or later. It always does.


I tend to ask a lot of questions, I think that weeds out some people.


If you’re getting this type of messages often, I’d recommend creating a ‘Quick Reply’ message that encourages them to reply back with more details.

No everyone is great at communication––not the mention the less time you have to deal with trying to pry details out of the them, the most time you can focus on orders and buyers who know exactly what they want. :wink:


Quick reply is good against adrenaline kicks and heart disease.