Here's an IDEA!


Guys, here is an idea that came to me while reading all your ‘what would you change’ answers…

A button, that allows you to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ and purchase.

Meaning in cases where buyers purchase your gig without any concern to what it offers or its requirements, you will be able to ‘reject’ the purchase without affecting your account what so ever.

Thoughts ?


I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. This definitely should be a thing.


Why do you keep posting new questions regurgitating old ideas when there’s a serviceable old post that people are reading? That’s my thought.

Why, next you’ll be asking for everyone to post their Fiverr world domination maps.


This is not a good idea. If a customer purchases a gig from you, 99% of the time, they want you do do work for them. Work with them. If their request really is impossible or outside of your gig terms, then offer them a refund. Having an automatic “reject” button is bad for business… and it’s bad for Fiverr’s bottom line. It’s not going to happen.