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Here's another Fiverr Success Story. (CBS Coverage from AnarchoFighter Media Release)


Some of you (and certainly others not here) have asked me how I sell things for $145 or more on

Well, the occult answer that doesn’t shed much light is, I’m worth it :slight_smile: LOL

But prove it to yourself.

Here’s a Skype Message that came from a client who had a Media Release Package for $145.

"Hi AnarchoFighter

I’d like to thank you for your help with the media through Fiverr.

Here is our interview on CBS of yesterday:"

He also GAVE me access to a several thousand dollar training on “micro expression reading” as a THANK YOU GIFT (which I cut off the message as I’m sure he wouldn’t want me to give out his link publicly).

How cool is that? I’m going be like Dr. Cal Lightman (…ah, there’s the light we were promised) :slight_smile: Just hopefully not so like him I get canceled. <Sniffs, I miss Lie to Me>

When I get back home from Holiday (yes, I did his gig while on vacation. Is that very weird???) we’re going to do a skype interview which will become one of my new gig extras.


How much would you say the value of that PR is…say if you compared it to the cost of a commercial on after prime time NEWS?


Oh that’s not good at all…


Yes, in a nutshell.

First they ordered my $5 Gig with my $20 Gig Extra for media contacts.

Then, when I delivered their idea, I include (not for everyone just for topics and buyers I want to work with) and offer to write a media release. I do that on fiver for $145. It includes some coaching on how to use the media release.

We targeted major TV media because we were able to do this as an “election” angle which is HOT right now. And the media has to talk about the election every day.

He’s been covered on CBS affiliate and now gets that as part of his credibility kit.

Their ultimate play is to start training people to be mirco-expression analysts here in the US (They’ve only had school in the UK and Scandinavian countries until now).


Here’s another client that allows me to share his success from last month.

I love dealing with these topics, the topics that help the dis-empowered.


Let me try that attachment again.

Here’s the PDF of the media releases. You can see how it informed the writer.


Congrats on continued success for your gig!


Congrats to you and keep up the great work!


Oh thank you for the kind words. :slight_smile:


Had another success yesterday but it was for an “adult toy” so I’ll keep this one off the forums and keep it family friendly.


Reply to anarchofighter:, great read and great story!


Wow. that is awesome! Way to go!


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Did you see the one I was referencing but didn’t post?


Well thank you, coming from the Sheriff, that means a lot! LOL


Wow this is a great success story. All the best. If this service is in demand, I am sure you can expand it easily.

I am not sure if Fiverr will allow Skype calls with buyers though… as its against their TOS to contact buyers directly (even if buyers want to) - isn’t it ? I am not sure, but thats my understanding - I could be wrong. I would love to know the answer though.


Congrats! I really need to learn to capitalize on ‘up-selling’ my services more.


That is a great story and way to go!


Here’s another success story, this time for a iPhone app.

We have another campaign set for next year in the works as well for a related “Perennial Publicity” campaign.


Congratz! And way to go :slight_smile:


Well, this client was a difficult one to say the least. :slight_smile: It took a long time, we actually tried from before the elections.

But here we go :slight_smile: Fresh off the Presses.