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Here's Fiverr's Customer Support Response to My Message Regarding the Cracking Down On Fake Reviews Because Reviews Are Overrated on Fiverr


I am not the bad person here because alot of buyers like me share the same concern and in regards to my last post… I did not mention all sellers…I said some sellers have fake reviews not all

I’ll be in constant talks with Fiverr Customer support till change happens…

What change are you expecting to see exactly?

I really don’t understand how/why some people automatically assume that just because a seller has a lot of positive reviews, these reviews are fraudulent.

To leave a review, a buyer has to buy a service. This means that a seller attempting to play the system needs to set up another account and spend money buying from themselves. MAYBE a determined seller could be stupid enough to invest $100 in this kind of activity. Still, though, real reviews from real buyers are not going to be all glowing 5-stars if a seller can’t deliver on what they say they can in the long-term.

As a buyer myself, I have never had a problem assessing sellers by their ratings. Usually, buyers who regularly experience poor quality of service on Fiverr are simply not using a reasonable level of due diligence to vet sellers.

It is already against Fiverr TOS for sellers to ask for reviews. If a seller does this, a buyer can report them and their account will be banned. In like regard, if a seller has multiple reviews from a client which obviously look fake, they too can be reported.

What exactly is the solution you want to see implemented here?


Also, why does your own seller profile display the following:


Usually, new sellers are simply unrated. When 5 empty stars show up, it usually (although I might be wrong) means that a review has been removed somehow.

If the above is the case, wouldn’t this make you part of the so-called unreliable Fiverr review system problem which you seem so pasionate about?



Did you read my last message…I’m trying to make a purchase on Fiverr because I am a buyer too and its hard to trust some reviews on fiverr…

I do not care about selling services on fiverr because I make money creating and selling Wordpress themes on Wordpress theme marketplaces…I only care about purchasing on fiverr

I don’t see why you feel you should continue to hound customer support to change the site for your convenience. They offered to help you find a seller who fits your needs. Not sure why it’s simpler for you to demand changes to the site, but harder for you to simply do what the rest of us do to find a seller.



Fiverr Customer support already said that they want some suggestions…So I’ll offer some great suggestions till change happens

That must have been a new support person to say that.

I’d find it hard to trust sellers too if I knew how easy it is to misrepresent myself…

Perhaps your problem here is that you are assuming that all Fiverr sellers operate the same way as you do when selling services?

Also, why are your gigs active and available if you do not care about selling services on Fiverr? This is very damaging to the Fiverr community. What if someone orders from you? You clearly don’t want the work and aren’t committed to delivering on what you say you can.

As a buyer, I would like to know things like that before placing an order with a seller on Fiverr.

Hopefully, someone will contact CS to try and get them to do something about sellers who fill up space in the search but have absolutely no interest in providing quality services to buyers. - Then stay with it until something is done finally.



She is a great support person…The role of any any support is to keep buyers happy and they would keep coming back to purchase…

What if I want to know about your service. You have zero reviews, and zero examples of your work. How should that be handled by fiverr? What are your suggestions to fiverr to force someone like yourself to show your work?

You make claims to have a lot of experience but nowhere do I see any way to figure out how to trust you as a seller.

For someone with four years of experience building websites who keeps demanding the site force sellers to show their work, where are YOUR work examples?

You know you can put a link to them in your profile right? I wouldn’t trust to buy from you based on a lack of anything I can see about what you’ve done.


You have zero reviews, I have over 3600, and you are accusing me of buying my reviews. You are the one who is not to be trusted. Amazing that someone with no reviews looks at me and accuses me of buying reviews.

Well Fiverr Customer support is my friend and they would make changes because I’m a buyer…

Funny discussion, this will soon be closd also.

You should chill with the accusations.

If you want to work closely with Fiverr staff in order to change the marketplace, make sure to ask for equity in exchange.

You should value your contribution and amazing ideas.


Thank you very much…

Someone’s jealous…

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Why should I be jealous when I’m a buyer and I’m trying to help other buyers like me create a safe markeplace

So make your own profile trustworthy. I look at your profile and see nothing to make me think there is anything truthful in it.


My gigs on fiverr are for testing how the selling process works so I can know how to be a great buyer…

Have you bought anything on fiverr? Here is a guy with zero reviews looking around at everyone who has lots of reviews, accusing them all of buying them.