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Here's How I Plan to Promote My Gigs for FREE

Hi Everyone, I am a new on Fiverr, but decided to share something useful about the steps I am planning to take to promote my gigs. I thought it would be cool to share with the community as well.

NOTE: I believe all of these strategies will require me to dedicate good amount of time and effort. I do feel that making money online is a highly rewarding experience. But it takes time and dedication.

Anyway, here are the three things that I plan to do for the next few months:

  1. Answer Questions on Quora: My goal here is to create a valid profile and provide value to the community. Not just promote my gigs but I will try to answer to people’s problem and come up with a solution for them. At the end of my answers, I will leave behind a link to my Fiverr gigs or profile. It is important that the questions are something related to my niches. After all I don’t spam! I will at least answer 2 - 3 questions for the next 30 days. And at the end of my answers, I will properly link to my gigs or profile.

  2. Write on Medium: Another strategy is to utilize and write on Medium. Remember my goal is to establish myself as an authority on my niche here. Article types that do well on Medium are How-Tos, Lists, Controversial, and Guides. It does not have to be perfect. Just like before, trying to solve a problem. Then have my bio with a link to my gigs and services. Also thinking to interlink my gigs within the articles. If I write 2 articles every week, for at least three months, then expecting a decent amount of visitors to my gigs.

  3. Utilize Twitter Hashtags: For this I will use a free twitter tool called Rite tag. It is a website that let’s you see which hashtags is doing great on twitter. 1) I will go over to Rite Tag and find myself 10 hashtags that are trending or rising to be popular in my niche. 2) Then come up with 10 - 12 tweets with pictures, the hash tags I selected and the link to my gigs. 3) Start posting these tweets through out the day. 4) Optional - I can even sign up for Buffer to schedule these tweets. With this method I expect to generate at least 50 - 100 new visitors a day. I know this is not a lot. But combining with other two methods, it is guaranteed to work.

These are actually very simple strategies, however still we underestimate and don’t pay enough attentions. I will write more posts like this, if people find such posts helpful. And of course update you as I go along.

Anyway what other ways do you think that we can generate more free traffic to our gigs?