Here's how to rake in the money


See the photo below. Pretty clear to me. LOL



Lmao nice! Thanks for the tip! :stuck_out_tongue:




Reply to @ceceliavo: I could not resist.


Reply to @anarchofighter: LOL. Thanks


Ha Ha nice one Bruce !


Reply to @ozzieuk: Thanks :wink:

By the way, @ozzieuk, I didn’t know you were a sheriff. Congrats!


oh no! The rake is ripping the fake money!

oldbittygrandma said: You got me fooled Bruce... I totally fell for the title, sweaty palms, drooling, the whole shot!!

Yup, a short title did the trick!


Reply to @alexgreene: How do you know the money is fake? Did you take the photo? LOL




wow, terrible post, I ripped my money doing this.



I have found a few dollars in the trees when I climb them for my family tree gig but then I shake them out and fall out of the tree into a pile of money… no need for a rake I just swim in the greenbacks


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