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Heres how to write a powerful gig that sells

  1. Take off your Seller hat and put on a Buyer’s hat in order to view your gig differently.

  2. Stop pitching. The Buyer has already decided your gig is worth looking into when they clicked on you. Now, give them what they need to feel confident enough to hit the order button. Do your pitching in your video

  3. Write the gig like you’re writing a contract, because that’s exactly what you’re doing. Buyers want to know exactly what they’re agreeing to by ordering from you. Craft your “About” section and EXTRAs carefully.

  4. Refrain from too much negativity. Sure, your last Buyer was wearing horns and carrying a pitchfork and you want to guard against another like him, but being on the defensive in your gig will be a turn-off for most.

  5. Keep the gig well structured and easy to understand. Use bullet points if necessary.

  6. Ask someone else to proofread you gig before posting. Errors are hard to find when you’re the author. It’s only a little bit more effort and well worthwhile and gives Buyers confidence that quality is important to you.

  7. Pray to the cyber-gods that your gig lands on the first search page.


I think gig image should be eye catching so that buyer can bound to click.


Really great advice. Thanks for sharing it!


Absolutely love these tips. I must say am guilty of the second one.


It really helpful tip to write powerful gig that makes more sale. Thanks for sharing :neutral_face:


Where can I find the Cyber Gods? I am in urgent need :confused:


You are really looking for the Cyber gods?


Its really a great idea but do you know some or even most buyers don’t read your gig description. :neutral_face:


Really very helpful, thanks for sharing this with us.


Really very helpful, thanks for sharing this with me


Essential tips… Thanks for sharing with community…


thank You very much for this. I really appreciate


Helpful information. Thanks!


Hope it would be :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s matter and this is first impression. I agree with you.


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