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Here's what I am going to do on my birthday


My birthday is about 3 weeks away, will finish all my orders by then and then go watch Bahubali 2…made $120 million already in the worldwide box office and will probably hit $300 million by the time I watch it :sunglasses:


Have fun with that. I guess you will have a new pile of orders in the meantime though.


Not doing any work on my birthday :slight_smile: I have actually taken off only 2 or 3 days so far in 3 years on Fiverr.


Read an interview that Bahubali 3 is going to be even more massive. Haven’t watched either of the 2 movies, but I have surely heard a lot about how great they are.


There’s not going to be a Bahubali 3, the director plans a new series on the Mahabharata, the greatest Hindu epic. It is going to be the most expensive Indian movie ever made, comparable to Hollywood standards.(Of course, nothing is definite yet, right now they are just enjoying their success.)


On my birthday I’ll keep taking orders, but when a buyer won’t respond back I’ll then have the chance to say:

“Please respond to my message… it’s my birthday!”



Maybe, but yeah! it’s a blockbuster. Already crossed PK.


What language are they speaking on that video @writer99025?


Telugu, but also dubbed in Hindi and Tamil.


This this mean forum people ARE supposed to wish you happy birthday when it comes or not? Now you have me confused. I thought you were dreading it.


No, just saying what I am going to do, don’t wish me on that day please! It’s just a random day where I get to have a break and go to the movies, no big deal. I wanted to see this movie for a while, and co-incidentally that’s the day when I will be free.


Got it. Ok, no wishes! :smiley:


Advanced Happy birthday



The question is are you going to watch this movie all by yourself?

FYI~ The guy on the right kinda resembles Mel Gibson with a beard. :smiley:


Yes, if there some rule that a guy shouldn’t go to a movie alone? Jeez. Don’t care about such norms. My life, my rules.


Amen to that! I live that way too.


I go to the movies alone sometimes… It’s just me and the screen! :popcorn:
Going with friends it’s just too much chatter and distraction.


Well, you should see me…everyday I go to India’s version of Starbucks close to my house alone, and buy an expensive coffee, reading my Kindle all that time. That’s the only time I get to read my Kindle. Everybody else there is either on a date there, or in a business conference or something - in pairs or groups. I am the only single guy having coffee, reading the Kindle, people stare at me, but I don’t care. In India people go to expensive coffee shops only once in a while, in company, to impress a date or a business associate, nobody goes to them to order coffee for themselves…just me…LOL.


There is something distinctly enjoyable about going to a coffee shop alone with a newspaper or Kindle and just ignoring the world. Add some headphones and it’s even better. I choose not to work in coffee shops, they are purely for relaxation.


Me too, I just read my Kindle there…have a collection of over 2,000 books on my 2 Kindles, just keep buying every time I see something interesting, but don’t have the time to read them. Right now, I am reading this, and really love it: