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Here's why you can't trust Seller Ratings

First of all let me say that I am a buyer, I don’t use Fiverr to sell things at all - if that immediately poisons you against me then stop reading now.

Recently I was looking for some graphic design work done, I had a browse through the relevant category and eventually found a seller who claimed to have six years experience in graphic design. Their seller rating was 4.7 with 17 Reviews and their portfolio of work looked fantastic, specifically their showcase image which I immediately fell in love with as a concept.

I purchased the gig, and a 24 hour rush option.

This is the quality of the work that was advertised and enticed me into purchase:
[Link removed - image hosting issue]

This is what the seller provided after 1 revision and 48 hours:
[Link removed - image hosting issue]

After you’re done chuckling away at that disasterpiece you may be thinking “At least the mascot is drawn ok” - You’re right, but not by this seller. I found that this mascot has been stolen from [unapproved Link removed]

So here are my options as a Buyer

  1. Accept this order and give this seller money for this laughing stock
  2. Click cancel and have the money returned.

I click cancel, but guess what? They mutually terminate within minutes… and you guessed it: You CAN NOT LEAVE FEEDBACK ABOUT WHY A GIG WAS MUTUALLY TERMINATED. So good luck next punter! prepare to either have your time or money stolen because no one can warn you.

I can understand that from fiverr’s perspective they want everyone to have fantastic feedback so they can claim their handling fee on as many gigs as possible, but for this reason you simply can not trust a seller rating. This person can sit indefinitely wasting people’s time and money, selling stolen artwork to others without anyone ever knowing or being able to do anything about it.

This is not just a case of being salty about a bad gig purchase, this is a case of pointing out that this makes Seller Ratings completely unreliable and for that reason the whole concept of the Seller/Buyer relationship has to be based on almost blind faith and trust from the buyer perspective.

It’s been requested before but PLEASE allow us to provide feedback on why a Gig has been mutually terminated. If the feedback is unfair then the seller can appeal and it should be the RESPONSIBILITY of the seller to explain WHY you should purchase their gig, not the buyers.

For your reference the seller in this instance was: **********.

You are right. Seller ratings are unreliable.

Buyers can also leave dreadful feedback for a seller without any evidence because that is their right to do so. Basically, you can’t trust any feedback on a gig, ever!

I agree the art was not acceptable so you got a refund and can look for another artist. I can’t understand wanting to take it further and warn away others as I would want to just put it behind me. It seems vengeful to me. That’s just my opinion. I’ve gotten things I didn’t like too and when I got a refund it was forgotten about.

I assure you I have no vengeful intentions - I am a firm believer in the philosophy that you should build your reputation on the quality of your work and for that reason I’d have appreciated being able to see feedback from other buyers on this scam (to put it bluntly it is a scam, someone claims to be a graphic designer who can deliver professional work and simply can’t, relying on the naivety of non-google savvy punters to recycle other peoples vector artwork). Similarly as a all round good-dude I’d have liked to be able to warn others of my experience.

that indeed can happen - when that happens on the likes of eBay, a seller can appeal the feedback… I’m not saying eBay is a perfect and by god it took some time for them to implement that as a system (it used to be an absolute nightmare) but this is an example of feedback moderation which works.

Hi, today I received a 3.5 stars for an order even though the buyer says in the feedback that the writing was exceptionally good and that I over delivered etc. because I was a few hours late…I have over 2020 positive reviews so it does not matter…but had I been a new seller, that would drop my ratings to 70% and practically end my career on Fiverr. I am saying this so that you can understand that the rating system does not favor sellers.

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The rating system isn’t perfect. It’s an accessory. This is a low priced platform which by it’s nature is open to less than qualified sellers. It is to be expected that there are these types on here, selling inferior work. It wouldn’t surprise me when I got something bad and when I get a refund that’s the best I expect. I’m happy to leave the experience behind. It’s admirable that you are willing to take the time and concern to warn others but really as long as you got a refund be glad, and try to find someone else. Try to find Top Rated Sellers with thousands of ravingly happy reviews.

Just to clarify, because I mustn’t have been clear: I’m not saying that the rating scale is tipped in favour of the sellers nor am I saying this is a buyer vs seller issue. I’m saying this is a fundemental problem that spans both types of user. Wouldn’t you prefer a rating system where you were credited for doing what you said you would do and had some recourse to provide your own account or an explanation of what had happened? I do think your rating is unfair but by the sounds of it you didn’t deliver what you said you would in the timeframe you said you would - when people pay extra for this service they obviously don’t expect it to take longer than agreed, the irony is that if they’d cancelled the order out of dissatisfaction your feedback would have remained intact. Don’t you agree this is a poor system?

I’m sorry but operating on the basis that it’s a low-priced platform and hence I should expect I may be misled only highlights the need for a clearer and more reliable feedback system that allows both parties to accurately represent their account of a transaction. Don’t you agree?

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No, he did not pay extra for the service and had agreed to the delayed delivery when I had informed about the same well in advance. Buyers have all the power. I don’t ask for any extra $$$ for faster delivery.

Ok, so wouldn’t you like to be able to add to his feedback saying that you were surprised because you’d agreed to the delay? Wouldn’t a feedback system that gives sellers and buyers alike the opportunity to give their account of a transaction be way more effective? I disagree that “buyers have all the power” but that’s not to say that I think sellers do. I think that both user types are being cheated by this system, it just so happens the ones handing the money over are the ones more frequently misled.

No, I’m the “strong silent” type - grin and bear :slight_smile:

There are motives that have nothing to do with what a buyer actually got but take the form of sadism, competitors, anger at something else unrelated, mental problems, etc. If buyers could leave feedback without it costing anything there would be tremendous
Sellers are subject to a certain amount of abuse all the time. It’s a game for some like a sport to see how much you can harass sellers.

@astrofoxit One thing I would suggest is that you give some thought to what is good and bad after reading and pondering the comments. Many sellers are against the current rating system. It does have problems.

One reason sellers lose out is that even though responses can be placed, a seller cannot go to a buyer profile and see their reviews. If that could happen, a reasonable buyer would probably have a mixed bag. A few would have all 5 stars. A few would have a series of 1-2 star reviews because they abused the system. As is, a new buyer is a mystery to a seller and sellers can be misled by a seemingly nice buyer who wants a gold brick for $5. For a brand new seller, one insane buyer can wreck them.

You also mentioned EBay and it’s rating policies. Fiverr is younger and while becoming more flexible, only slowly. Getting unfair negative feedback removed is a “cr*p shoot” if you’ll pardon the expression.

If you want a better system, submit a ticket to Customer Support and suggest some ways to make it more fair and better for everyone. Unfortunately, many sellers have done this, but not enough buyers. We all need buyers to be voices of reason in creating positive change.

Yeah, I personally won´t get bothered by one or a couple of bad reviews if the buyer has got over 2000 reviews like you. One or 2 bad reviews (to me) don´t mean anything. I would rather focus on the 2000 positive ones.

There is nothing stopping you from refusing the mutual cancellation and leaving feedback. If you felt so strongly about warning other buyers you should have refused the mutual cancellation and left your feedback.

I initiated the cancellation on the basis of the poor quality of the work and the fact that the seller had lied about their credentials and stolen other people’s work to fulfil the gig. I don’t think forfeiting an immediate refund in order to provide feedback is sensible and I think it evidences the poor design of the feedback system… To compound issues, the whole “YOU should have done THIS” serves only to place the blame of this onto the person wronged in any given situation which isn’t right is it.

fonthaunt. What I’m actually encountering appears to be this presumption that in some way I must be to blame for not taking a particular action somewhere along the line of this entire process.

My immediate thoughts are that greater transparency is needed on both the buyer and seller profiles.

The bottom line is that we’re in a situation where this seller who must remain nameless, is out there lying to people, stealing other people’s work and sitting on top of a glowing 4.7 star review. Even from the perspective of someone who fundamentally believes that Sellers are getting the rough deal, does it not pain you to know that the hard work, quality and time you put into producing your gigs gets you no distinction from someone who is out there ripping people off?

I’ve taken on board everything that’s been discussed here so far and I have to say, my opinion on it has not changed. The feedback system is worthless in it’s current state and although I love using the site and make more and more gig purchases - this experience has left a sour taste and I’m pleased that if anything it’s been discussed and read.

It’s quite simple. you either leave feedback or get a refund. There is no issue with this and let me tell you why. If the option to leave feedback was there after getting a refund people would abuse it mercilessly. Competitors would demand refunds on gigs with the threat of bad feedback and leave it anyway, unscrupulous buyers would use it as leverage to get extra work because even if sellers offered a refund they could still leave negative feedback and could demand extra work ad nauseam

If a seller has behaved or acted inappropriately you still have the option to report them to support and let them deal with it.

this:- “I can understand that from fiverr’s perspective they want everyone to have fantastic feedback so they can claim their handling fee on as many gigs as possible”

All you need to do is to take a brief look at gigs across different categories and you will see plenty of sellers with negative feedback and the reason they have negative feedback is because buyers left feedback there. If every single buyer accepted a mutual cancellation everyone would have five stars across the board. This is not the case and anyway there is something you need to be aware of here.

Way before the current system was in place there was just a thumbs up and thumbs down system and no mutual cancellations. Mutual cancellations were introduced which benefits both parties instead of dragging support into every dispute. I think you will find that instead of the cancellation system being biased in favour of sellers it works well for both parties.

This is not practical either

It’s been requested before but PLEASE allow us to provide feedback on why a Gig has been mutually terminated. If the feedback is unfair then the seller can appeal

There are over three million sellers on this site. I think that answers that. Having mutual cancellations allows both parties a compromise solution and does not guarantee every seller gets five star feedback and perfect ratings.

If you still feel that a seller has done something incorrect after being refunded I would suggest you raise it with support who have a trust and safety team for anything suspect.

I meant ˝the seller˝, NOT ˝the buyer˝.