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Here's Why You Don't Get Orders (Feel Free To Add)

  • Bad grammar in gig description and bio
  • Unprofessional presentation of your gig and bio
  • Lying
  • Bad attitude when things don’t go as expected
  • No gig video(s) as a presentation of your work (trust me, it helps when done correctly)
  • Typing in all caps
  • High response time
  • Not taking ANY advice someone gives you seriously
  • Not treating your services as a business
  • High expectations
  • Expecting orders just to come to you
  • Avatar pic that isn’t yours, you at all, or a professional logo (stop using stock images from google. it’s too easy to find)
  • Thumbnails in your gig that aren’t yours
  • Begging for orders in the forum (does absolutely nothing)
  • Getting easily frustrated when you don’t get orders your first couple of days
  • Being in a coagulated field of others who offer the exact same services
  • Not being different, or offering something unique
  • Eating too much Mcdonalds
  • Not understanding the way of the emmaki :slight_smile:

Done for now. Let’s see how this goes.

What’s Emmaki?

There are no words for Emmaki, only a sublime experience marked by equal parts scorn, sardonic humor, and defiance.

And also disdain, you forget that part.

Here’s another reason sellers aren’t getting any orders: Your work is bad. People aren’t buying from you because you’re not good at what you do.

Just curious, how would people know that a Seller’s work is bad if they have no orders yet?

Gig thumbnails and current portfolio would showcase that.

Thank you, I think I should add few gig videos.

You can tell by the gigs, the images, the descriptions, and language they write with that it’s probably a sure bet. Terrible looking gigs are not produced by experienced capable excellent designers or writers.

I consider “getting zero orders” the same as “getting only a few orders.” Because anybody can eke out an order or two every week, but it takes skill, knowledge, and abilities to earn a full-time income.

That’s the sad part. I’ve seen gigs where the descriptions were perfectly fine, the person was using their own photo/logo, but their work was…just not good.
There is no nice way of saying “Sorry, but your work s*cks,” and it’s even worse when the seller has no idea that their work is not as good as the other popular sellers…

Should I add this to the list? :

Simply not understanding what business/professionalism is.

It sure does take all of those things, but if it was only that, there would be a lot more successful people in the world.

If anyone can ‘eke out an order or two every week’, then why isn’t everyone a Level 1 or better?

And yes, I know you work hard to get orders. I’m just pointing out that it’s just like the job market elsewhere. Some people get work, others don’t.

"There is no nice way of saying “Sorry, but your work s*cks,”"
That’s one of the reasons why lying should be scratched from the list.

I guess I was reading too much into it. When I was replying, I was assuming the Gig, images, description, etc. were professional quality (because I would look at that first, as a Buyer), but the work itself might not be.

-not communicating
-begging for orders anywhere
-not communicating with your customer to understand their requirements
-coming across as a know-all
-not making your customer feel as if they’re order is the most important thing to you today
-being too cheap (people think you don’t understand their problem or don’t know what you’re doing)
-being too expensive (over and above the market rate for your quality product that makes you stand out over all the others)
-having too many gigs
-having gig descriptions that are unclear, too brief, too lengthy
-having a too long delivery date

Yes I think all of those points is true :slight_smile: thanks for tips

Thanks for the heads up…Guess am guilt of some too. will work on them.

The last point is the best point. Loved the Mc.D part too :stuck_out_tongue:

Why did you mention " High Response Time " ? Can you or someone explain it to me ?

The outstanding point on these tips is " Eating Too Much Mc D". I will avoid McD and come to KFC. :smiley: