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Hero to Zero


Hi all, I’ve been on Fiverr for over 2 years now and have been getting consistent customers and gig orders since, but these past few weeks I have had one order… This is really, really odd for me as I am doing nothing different than I have been doing! My question is to anyone out there who is having the same issue… is this a Fiverr issue or are people just not wanting my services at this time? Just don’t really understand how I go from lots of orders consistently to 0. The only thing that I have don’t is take some of my earned cash to my paypal account and that is all

Thanks in advance for advice


There could be a lot of reasons but I’ll take a shot at it.

  1. Fiverr constant changes may effect gig order. I know when I watch my gig, it can go from #1 to #100 after a fiverr update to the site.

  2. Competition may increase giving clients more to choose from. Fiverr gets new gigs daily. I’m not sure how many, but lets say 300 gigs related to your topic joined fiverr in the past month. That gives buyers 300 more choices. My only advise is to check out your competition (new and old) to see what they are up to

  3. Keywords and search engine. This is my biggest pain. When a potential buyer comes to Fiverr looking for something specific, good chance they are going search. What words or phrases they use to search on, may determine if they find your gig or not. In the SEO world they call these words keywords or keyword phrases. Fiverr calls them tags. There is a whole science behind optimizing a site (or in this case Fiverr’s gig description) for a keyword or keyword phrase. Not easy and probably can’t be explained here in a few words. There are what they call SEO (search engine optimization) gurus but in my opinion it is waste of dollars. The search formula (called algorithm) can change monthly, weekly or even daily. So what may work today, may not work tomorrow. So paying for SEO may only give you temporary results and even those results may not work depending on the skill of the SEO master.

    I think the best one can do is too keep tabs on their competition. If you type in Fiverr search engine a primary keyword for your gig, check the results and see who is ranked high on that keyword. For example “whiteboard animation” is a primary keyword phrase for my gig and so I’m always checking how gigs are ranked for that keyword phrase. At times I have been #1 and other times I dropped off the grind when Fiverr updates their algorithm or makes an update to the site.

    Lastly, sorry fiverr, things on Fiverr can be messed up. No Fiverr tech is going to admit it, but when you search on your keyword and the number 1 gig is not even related to that keyword, all you can do is scratch your head and say "what’s up Fiverr"

    Smile – that’s all you can do sometimes. :slight_smile:


I agree with the last poster. And when searching for ones own gig and its not showing up anywhere- one has to wonder how one gets found at all! Good Luck 4 2015 heaven086