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Hesitant After Buyer Mentions "PayPal"

So I’ve had a repeat buyer who has me setting up their Google Ads. I originally setup a Facebook ad for their first gig with me, spending my own money on the ad in exchange for reimbursement in the gig costs (big mistake).

For the second gig, I’ve made the client setup their own account. They’re iffy on the payment side of things, or extremely lazy. He mentioned that he wants to pay Google Ads through PayPal, which cannot be done. I explained that he must have a credit card saved to the account.

Although he hasn’t done anything inherently wrong yet, I’m nervous in the fact that he could try to get a refund through PayPal.

I’m documenting deliveries and will document the conversations in case. I’ve found who he’s hosted with, where his website is, and I’m also tracking his personal information just in case too.

Does anyone else get suspicious with PayPal buyers? Given the horror stories…

A buyer can always cancel whether it’s Paypal or a creditcard. No I don’t worry about it at all.

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I’m not talking about cancelling through Fiverr. I’m talking about after they accept the order, and then maliciously cancel through PayPal after.

Why worry about it? Most fiverr payments are probably through Paypal. I have 2% or less of my orders cancelled, and most are done by Paypal and I don’t worry about that.

Fiverr payments through Paypal are cancelled at Paypal and sometimes we can be given back the money lost if we contact customer support.


I was probably not clear enough on the backstory of this particular client. This client has been shifty from the get-go, compared to my other clients.

And true, as I said I’ll cover my bases with a mitigation plan. This thread as you can see was to spark some conversation around the topic. You’re right though, it doesn’t warrant for too much worry, I think it’s more speculation regarding the terrible things that have happened to sellers.

I try not to think about what might happen that’s bad on fiverr. If it happens there’s not a lot I can do about it anyway. I know what you mean about some buyers who seem suspicious and I’ve found that it’s not predictable what they will do. Some that I thought were very suspicious turned out to be good clients.


Like @misscrystal already mentioned, you really can’t do much if the buyer chooses to PayPal chargeback you in the future (AKA steal from you).

It is great that you were able to find his personal information and that you’re “tracking” this person. But that’s not going to do you any good as Fiverr clearly states in their ToS that sellers are not allowed (for any reason whatsoever) to contact someone off of Fiverr. So, if you were to contact that person off of Fiverr, you will be in violation of the ToS, and Fiverr can choose to ban you. There’s no point in sharing that personal info. with CS either, because they’ll anyway be banning the buyer if they do a PayPal chargeback, and that’s the most Fiverr can do.

So, basically, unless you cancel an order beforehand, there’s nothing you can do to prevent a buyer from initiating a PayPal chargeback against you. Sure, it is only natural for us to feel worried about the prospect of a PayPal chargeback, but that’s something beyond our control. There’s no point in worrying about something that’s not in our hands.

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To be honest if I see signs like this I just wouldn’t work with that client and advise them that I’m not the best person for this job.

Why risking your account? Why spending time and tracking them? (That time also part of their payment to you, is it worth it?)

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Well put, yeah I think it’ll be something to be wary of, but not concerned. I think the personal information was mainly for creative works. For example, if I wrote something unique, and I owned that work, and they asked for a refund, I would try to see who they’re hosted with and get the website removed. But you’re certainly right, I think I’ll just be aware.

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Yeah I think it’s hard after the order has been purchased, to then cancel the order and have a bad rating.

True, it’s not worth it in the long run. I’ve already had heaps of buyers through Fiverr and loving it so far.

That won’t be in their benefit; will get their own account suspended. Nobody wants to get their account suspended. Plus, I’m sure that Fiverr will block the corresponding PayPal account together with that profile too, so he won’t be using that same PayPal anytime soon, lol.

I’d say - don’t worry.

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