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Hey All! Amber Lynne here, and I'm an Artist!

so I’m new to this place and figured it’d be a good idea to post a hello. Generally, that’s a good thing to do, no? =)
Introductions are important, right?
… yet I’m rubbish with them, oops.

As I said in the title, I’m an artist. Primarily, I’m offering Chibis here on Fiverr. You can view a good number on my ************* (************) if you want to take a peek. Otherwise, I’m just a person who is here.

I’m from Canada, nowhere special, but I learned a long while ago to use USD for most commission work, mostly because the exchange rate favours Americans ^ ^;;

No idea what else to say, so I’m gonna leave this here.
See ya!

Mod note: Insta link removed.

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