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Hey all how do you get your listing featured?

hi all just wondered how you get your listings featured?

also i take it new sellers can only set up 7 gigs no more is that right?

many thanks xxxx

Reply to @elainekelly971: Well now I know one person to never hire. That was extremely rude. A good deal of users on Fiverr use photos of beautiful models and celebrities. I find it cheap and tacky, but to each their own.

You stepped out of line with your childish, insulting comment. Is this how you present yourself professionally? Nobody should be hiring us for our pretty face (and dukanu looks perfectly fine), but by the quality of work we do.

(inb4, omg geez, I changed the picture, stop attacking me!!!)

Edit: My above prediction was correct. See below.

god grow up you come on a forum to ask a question and you get treated like this?

forget it nuff said go and deal with your orders and leave me alone please if you dont mind thanks and i dont have fake photos on my profile i have a picture of my dog you have an owl on yours or whatever it is now end of go away i wont be replying anymore ive got a life rather than sit on forums and be run down bye bye

scroll up to the very top of the page that is how a question should be answered not people attacking people about there images and how crap there listings are my god

NOW BYE i wont be replying anymore so write what you want badmouth me i dont care GET A LIFE

They are selected by the Fiverr Staff. I have never been featured. Just focus on sales and you will be just fine!

ahh cool thanks alot xxx

Unique or extremely high quality gigs are a lot easier to get featured. Getting tons of sales and reviews has nothing to do with it.

Your gigs hardly seem unique though, so those kind of gigs are extremely hard to get featured.

erm ok lol

Sorry for off topic but why do you use a fake profile picture?

excuse me keep your comments to yourself if you dont mind i could say alot about your picture but ill keep it to myself im surprised you sell anything with a face like that bye bye

Reply to @kjblynx: I hear what you are saying about how to get featured, but here is the thing- I have two astronomy gigs which according to a search on Fiverr, are the only two astronomy gigs on all of Fiverr. That should make them pretty unique, but I also have a zero cancelation rate, a one hour response rate, and while I do not have thousands of sales on these gigs, I should think the only astronomy gigs on the site deserves to be featured, if only for their uniqueness.

I also own the rights on the gig images, which are Power Point slides I made and converted to JPeg format, which should also go someway towards uniqueness.

Any ideas on how to get these unique gigs featured since they rank #1 on Google for my keywords?