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Hey all! New to the site, super excited :)

I am a Systems Support Analyst who has been doing it for 8+years for a company that sees me support and train Salesforce and Yardi Voyager. I started off just working support tickets via email and over the years have turned that into a whole training program utilizing programs like Team Viewer and Gotomeeting for my webinars and screen-shares. I play the role of middleman between developers and end users which really suits me! I like to get into the weeds with the developers and help come up with solutions, but also like being able to relay what came of all that hard work to the end user in technical or non technical documentation and my favorite, videos!

With technology the way it is now I have been trying to steer things more in the way of videos (still write up docs but like to make videos too, to go with the documentation). I myself and all my friends I talk to prefer to see something done, so most times we YouTube solutions…I have 3 YouTube channels at work (one general company stuff and the other two for the Applications I support). The youtubes have been a BIG hit and are free, can’t beat it. Everyone knows how to use YouTube and can access them with out having to logon to anything.

I have free time after work and on weekends and feel like I can do more, so I’d love to get in touch with a company that has a need for some part time ~10-20 hours a week documentation, training/support. I have the aptitude to learn and be able to show others what I learned very quick, so I think if I see something shown to me I can document and create videos on it…or if you have documentation I can create a training video on it that could help your users the way it’s helped ours. Just looking to spread my wings a bit and hopefully help out more companies and learn more about different softwares and industries.

If this is something that you think you/your company can use please reach out to me via DM and I can send over some of my work.

Thanks all, nice to meet you!

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Welcome to the Fiverr site. Best wishes for you… :slight_smile: