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Hey American VO people - PLAY THE GAME!

You know what really annoys me about Fiverr? More than the usual stuff I mean.

It’s American voiceover artists saying they can do a British accent. 99% can’t. If I ever want to have a good laugh, I find an American doing a British accent. Even the top US pro voice artists do terrible British accents. Remember Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins?

And yet, try doing a search on Fiverr for Voiceover…Male…English…British accent. Most of the time at least half of the top four lines are made up of American VO artists who have just ticked the British accent box on their gig, presumably to get more impressions and clicks.

I don’t claim to do an American accent, in order to push you further down the rankings. Because I can’t do an American accent as well as an American. That’s YOUR market.


I’ve noticed the reverse of this, where someone with a different accent claims to be able to do an American accent. As a result, I only list myself as being able to do English - American. Beneath my gig page, I mention I can do accents /for comedic purposes only/ and not to replace a native speaker. Would you accept this? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think people want to be included in a larger market but don’t think about the consequences.


Ah, but you’re one of the good guys Josh. Between us we should easily be able to corner most of the English-speaking market!


It’s a deal! Let’s conquer the world of English voice acting.

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I can’t even listen to them, because the cringe is too strong.

It’s better to work to your strengths, than try to be a jack-of-all-accents. Like Josh said, I could probably do a different accent for comedic/parody purposes, otherwise I leave it well alone.

If British actors can do American southern accents on The Walking Dead, I don’t think it’s impossible for an American to do a British accent.

Robin Williams did a British old lady accent in Ms. Doubtfire, I think it was pretty convincing.

Besides, the review system will separate those who can from those who can’t.

For those interested, the British actors on The Walking Dead are:

Andrew Lincoln, aka “Rick Grimes”
Tom Payne, aka “Paul Rovia,” aka “Jesus”
Benedict Samuel, aka “Owen, the Alpha Wolf”
Lennie James, aka “Morgan Jones”
Pollyanna McIntosh, aka “Jadis”
David Morrissey, aka “The Governor”
Lauren Cohan, aka “Maggie Greene”


It really wasn’t. :wink:
It was a stylised version of what an American audience would think a British/Scottish accent would sound like.

As a British buyer of voice overs, some of the ‘I can do a Britsih voice over as well’ really do make me cringe.


As a Scotsman I can tell you that it really wasn’t :laughing: his performance was great though!


Aye - it was a bit too ‘Granny’s Heilan Hame’ really :slightly_smiling_face:

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Personally, I don’t think that it’s impossible for an American to do a British accent or vice-versa; there are a handful of each that do an outstanding job.

By the way, Benedict Samuel is Australian. :wink:


:laughing: exactly this

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Well, I believe you.

There was a British show I used to love, Keeping Up Appearances, about an old woman who wants to act like she’s a member of the upper class, and constantly puts on air. Her name is Ms. Bucket, but she insisted it’s pronounced Bouquet (boo-kay) like the French.

He accent sounds like what Robin Williams was imitating. But then again, I’m not British, so I couldn’t tell either way.

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I was under the impression you can check what location people are based in.
As British Voiceover artist I am based in London

That should help?

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