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Hey animators

are you guys having deals in this month…??? ,i don’t know why,i didn’t receive any project from 2 month,but my all ratings are good :frowning:

This is not a tip for sellers and has been moved.

you may new to here,i asked a question from others about the situation,if you don’t have any answer to this,leave this…!!!

Holla i got 5 orders this month but for really low price , but since my response rate dropped to 50% i didn’t got any thing !!

:frowning: yea it’s a bad situation but mine all rate are fine but no any orders,since no buyers from 2 month ago :((

and i think when we add custom price to gigs,our gigs go dawn and fiverr not give the top to over $5 gigs :frowning:

so you need to make your response rate 100% and do not use a costum prices. ???