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Hey! Anyone check our Gig is good or not?

Hey, We hope you are doing fine all.

We don’t know why I am not getting sales. Can you check my gig and let me know what’s wrong with it?

and if you find it good. Don’t forget to like, thanks in advance keep safe and smile :slight_smile:


Hi @mdesigns_off

Here is my honest review:
Your work is not good enough to compete with other seller. :frowning:
It’s below standart.
You need to improve your skill first.
First video presentation is very bad too.

Sorry to say this, but with your current skill, you will having hard time getting decent order.

Best of luck.

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Hi @ridwansugi

I will upload an attractive project.

yes, I am still improving my skills.

Thanks for your honest review :slight_smile:

please kindly help me check my gig, if its good or bad, because i have deranked to the back page since january