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Hey be honest! Do you run a single account here?


Am just a newbie here and am sure most of you will shy away from this question…am just being curious…spill it! Tell us how many fiverr account you run here!


Having more than one account is against the TOS and you risk getting banned and losing all your accounts if you have more than one.


I don’t see the point in having more than one account.


I have one and my wife has hers.

mrspanda said: I don't see the point in having more than one account.

It's a bit like a certain auction website... You have multiple accounts and if you get very bad feedback on one of them, then you can just close it down and carry on with the others because they will have good feedback attached to them still, meaning you'd still get lots of orders through.


I only have one account. But I am thinking that it would make sense to have a seller account and a buyer account. Not because I want to subvert the feedback system, but because I have a business separate from my freelance work on Fiverr™ and bookkeeping would be abundantly easier if the records weren’t co-mingled.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I don’t see why you couldn’t do that. With PayPal for example I have a personal account and a business account.


Reply to @greyhound12: It’s a situation that I’m sure could come back to bite me on the bum. :slight_smile: Technically a single account is supposed to be used for buying and selling here; it’s all about the feedback, right! I’m sure loads of folks have two or more accounts - for ‘honest’ reasons as well as bad ones, but it would be just my luck to be the one who gets banned for it. :wink:


Probably worth asking customer support and then posting back here what they tell you on this one.


I wish we could have more than one account. My gigs on here are all sort of…“sexy” I guess would be the word to describe it. I have other skills that I would like to offer but I feel like very few people would take them seriously (writing articles, graphic design, etc) because of the nature of my current gigs. Anybody have any thoughts on this?


Reply to @bachas85: But so many things are against ToS and get the full support of Fiverr™. I agree with greyhound12 - it’s worth asking. If I didn’t already have inquiries to Customer Support pending, I’d ask.


Reply to @fungirl77: I’m putting your schoolgirl gig on my blog page. it’s really interesting. it’s sexy and classy, not trashy. i’m surprised you don’t get more orders.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: Aw, thanks! :slight_smile:


Reply to @fungirl77:

You should reconsider! People would totally take them seriously. You’d only be getting a good headstart from the momentum of your current gigs. It doesn’t matter that your gigs so far are in the ‘sexy’ niche, if you conduct yourself with professionalism that should carry over. I recommend filling out the entire gig description for a writing gig (How you fill this out, people can get a feel for your writing skills) And for Graphic Design just provide a few examples or Portfolio work if you have it. You would get NEW customers that either won’t know/care about the sexy gigs, or you’d have crossover buyers. BOTH WAYS crossover.

‘That nice young lady with the nice lips ALSO designs logos? She was professional and overdelivered on that gig…AND the designs on this new gig are actually fantastic! Let’s order’


Reply to @fiverphil: That’s good advice. I guess it can’t hurt, right? Plus it will be nice to already have the level 2 extras. I’m going to do it! Thanks :slight_smile:


I only have this account and will have this account only…because I don’t wanna end up getting my account restricted…! I don’t change my country to get more jobs… I love my country and proud of it…I wanna do my best to make my country be noticed in Fiverr community…!

I think everyone else must do the same…


Don’t do it!

Sooner or later, if you have more than one account you’ll get nailed by Fiverr and loose everything. Including your ability to create a new account from your home. IP block. Maybe? LOL

Anyhow. It’s not worth it.

The main reason someone would create a second account is to game the feedback system. Give yourself good feedback and rate better.

Yes, yes. I’m sure not all of you would open a second account to do that, but most would.

And really what’s it worth?

You can only use it once or twice on one gig because people will see the same account is the one leaving good feedback. And they’ll know! Mwa ha ha ha!

Really though. For a few extra positive feedback thumbs is it really worth risking your entire account?

What happens if you do that when you start Fiverr, and then get a lot of real orders and great feedback. Then, 6 months later you get nailed because you did that when you first joined. You’ll loose 6 months worth of positive feedback.

It’s not worth it. Just earn your reputation the real way. And do great work in whatever field you’re working in.


In the words of the great Willy Wonka

Everybody has had ONE, and ONE is enough for anybody. Now come along.

Joking apart, it's a bad idea to run two accounts at once, could get you banned :)


1 and 1 alwys !no point of 2nd