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Hey can anybody help me with this

I am getting thousands of impression on my gigs but there are no clicks, I mean 0
Am really worried about it and I have changed my gig image a couple of time but no improvement is it a bug or the problem is with my gig image
Check out the gig image1 2


Hi, Wish a good luck for your gig.

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There is nothing wrong with your images, gig analytics are not back completely, means it is not working as it was before the bug, they are still fixing it.

  1. Keep promoting your gig on socila media
  2. Send daily buyer request with proper manar
  3. Active on fiverr 24/7
  4. Use strong keywords in your gig for fiverr search ranking.
  5. Try to convert into order of all buyer knock.
  6. Deilvery the work on time & with good quality & get good review from clints
  7. If you complete more work then you will get more order from fiverr.

awesome gig image stay connected to fiverr


Saaaaave meeeee :pray:



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It’s too much. IMHO:

  • You should remove the Fiverr logo.
  • You should remove your logo. Since it doesn’t add anything to the pictures.
  • You should remove the “premium quality service” and the star as well.
  • You should use a better font -> ******
  • Try other colors, to my eyes, the yellow and blue just don’t match.
  • The purple (Instagram logo) doesn’t match this blue.

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It’s just a bug, don’t worry!


I think I will recommend you trying to open a buyer account then you will use it to click on your own gig and if it doesn’t show you have click the link next morning you can try and message me back