Hey can anyone tell me how to find a font (Resolved)


Thanks for your cool advise in advance have a great day guys


Most people find creative and unique fonts by searching for fonts online, or on font websites. :wink:


if you are looking for a specific font from an image, and you have a clear image, there is lots of site online, as an example “WhatTheFont”. if you go there and upload your image, they will trace the alphabet from the image and show you the font that match with your image!


font on fiverr? please explain your queries


Go to google chrome setting and click on extension in the search bar type whatfont.
Just add it to Chrome.
Restart your google chrome browser, you will find “F” alphabet in the top right side. Just click on it and hover on any font in the website It will show you the exact font name.


Hope Its Help full to you.


There’s a site called dafont.com, they have a nice collection of any kind of font you’d like for free (mostly), it’s my go-to place for years.


You can use website to find and buy your font. i used font spring