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Hey everyone, Buyer want to cancel order after i delivered work

Hello everyone
I got an orde from the customer. I sent him a demo what i am going to do . After reviewing the demo buyer apritiated it and tell me to proceed further with it. I then completed the task and delivered it. The buyer was online whole day and neverr replied and after one day he said that he want to quit and cancel the order. He want me to do a revision and create a whole new project all from the beginning. I told buyer that i can make changes to the already delivered project. As we have agreed to the demo work. I also sent buyer another revision with new project and he replied me that he want to quit and no other reason .
I have done 2 project at cost of one and buyer is not saying anything except cancel the order.

Also i think he is doing fraud as the file he send me for has blurred top and bottom borders . And there is already a fiverr watermark over it . He can easily download the delivered work and crop the watermark and use it anywhere freely. May be he has also done same thing with other seller as there is already a watermark on the file he sent me .

What can i do in this situation ? Should i cancel the order or any other solution .? Please help. :blush::blush::blush:

You have two choices:

  1. Stand you ground and explain to client that he is not eligible for cancellation as you delivered everything as promised in your gig and according to his requirements. And contact support right away saying that buyer is trying to get work for free. You might get you payment but you are risking with bad review from that buyer.
  2. Cancel an order so you wouldn’t risk getting bad review.

Thanks for suggestion , i don’t have much reviews on my account , what if i get bad rating. Currently i have 5 start rating on all 19 orders.

Bad rating is a bad rating. If you get it it will stay on your account.

I prefer to be paid And get a bad review than let someone get away with free work.

It’s your choice if you want to risk getting bad review or if you want to stand your ground and to be paid.


Okay thanks dear. :blush: Let’s see whats happens next