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Hey everyone Im a new seller hoping for some guidance


Hello Everyone Im new to fiverr as a voice over artist and hoping to make some friends and start building my career.


Welcome to Fiverr and good luck! Starting off appears to be incredibly difficult, but don’t give up!


What kind of services do you offer?


Best of luck to you. The first months are the biggest challenge.


Be sure to read these so you will do everything correctly.

This will help you too.


Hello! Good to see you dear… Wish you a good luck :man_student::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I do voice over and full production


Thanks I’ve done 12 offers so far that fit my niche hoping for some
results. Nothing yet but I just started.


Put the best in your gig and you work example too. Make it attractive like mine gig.


hello all,
i am new to fiver
please i need help, the account that i opened does not have the available now icon
what could be the reason


Because you are new, Available now is still in BETA they are testing the feature with senior sellers first hopefully once its done you’ll be able to achieve its not a problem in your account


thanks i really appreciate this


Welcome to the forum


I’m sure the OP is very grateful, but you’re a year late with your good wishes. :wink: