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Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself


Hey Fiverr community, I’m Steven.

I wanted to introduce myself on here as I just started using the forum.

A little about me… I joined fiverr about 2 months ago, didn’t do well at all my first month, but now have a couple gigs going and they are both starting to take off with orders (level one now and on fiverr every day). I do video testimonials/commercials and write reviews. I also proofread and edit professional documents. Sincerelymegan and I do couples video testimonials together and we are planning to do more gigs.

Fiverr was frustrating at first and I at times got down on myself thinking no one would want my services or I had nothing to offer, but through good advice and a lot of learning I have started to make some money and I love getting such great feedback from customers. I’m really excited to keep going with fiverr.

Oh, and I live in Canada(Although we haven’t had snow since 2011… Can you guess where I live?)

Ps there are a lot of really great people on this forum that I can tell just genuinely want to help others - I think there’s an awesome community here!


Thanks Ang! Yeah, I live on the west coast of Canada on an island. Snow and sub-zero temperatures are rare here.


Reply to @arnevb: Thanks! I was in Brussels a year and a half ago for one day and the weather was awful. I have a lot of family in the Netherlands so they took me to Brussels for a day while I was there.


Reply to @madmoo:

I live in victoria :slight_smile: it’s even nicer!


Hello Steven,

Welcome to Fiverr!

I’m a newbie and a noob here too. Hehe!

I hope you get lots of sales :slight_smile:


Welcome hope for more sales…


welcome pal!

I have cravings for snow. I haven’t seen snow. Ever. third world hot countries problems :smiley:


Hey, welcome mate!

Take some of my snow then. It won’t stop in Scotland it’s annoying the hell out of me. Almost april and it’s still chucking it down. Scotland and Wales world cup qualifier on friday and if this keeps up it’ll be cancelled!!


Thanks everyone! I was really pessimistic about sales my first month, but now that I know how to market myself better I feel the orders have been coming in (although I’m at a snails pace this week).


Reply to @arnevb:

Thanks for the advice. How do you go about advertising your gigs? I mean, I have facebook but I like to keep that separate as I don’t really see any of my friends and family wanting a video testimonial / review of a product/business etc. Start a blog? What do you do?


Hello & welcome, Steven. I’m glad the ball has started rolling for you. It can be slow, at first & there will be slumps along the way. The more you persevere, the better it will become. Just as with anything, the more time & effort you’re able to put toward your endeavors, the more you’ll receive back. Being able to have regular clients helps. They’re the lifeblood of any business. Offering quality work, having great communication and being able to overcome issues (when they, occasionally, arise), goes a long way. May you continue to have positive & successful interactions & projects :slight_smile:


Reply to @curvalicious: Thank you for the wise words and a good pick me up. Have been going through a slump these last few days and was getting down on myself. You’re right though, I just need to keep working at it.