Hey everyone, the name's Seirance ^^


I’m new on Fiverr and am looking forward to finding my way around here. I recently launched my first gig and I’m honestly just testing the waters. I’d like to ask about anyone’s experience on Fiverr so far and how it is being a Seller?

Thanks in advance and have a good day everyone ^^


Hi there and welcome! Here’s a bit about my personal experience…


Please stop spamming the forum with multiple posts.


My apologies… I was unaware and just trying to point back to my tips!


No need to apologize, I hear you.


I guess linking is not acceptable?


Duplicate posts are usually flagged and removed. You are allowed to post Tips as long as they don’t contain a link to your fiverr services. As soon as you add a link to your fiverr gigs it’s considered self promotion and will be moved to “My Fiverr Gig” or “Improve my Gig”


Appreciate the link though @larrytm1 ^^ I just finished reading about your fiverr experience and I see your point. Thanks for sharing! And I hope you get back into the swing of things ^^ All the best!