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Hey family! Can anyone explain how to send buyer requests?

Hello my Fiverr Family! I am a new user and I would love to read the suggestions from my fellow sellers on how to send buyer requests? as I am constantly watching that everybody is asking to send buyer requests. Can anyone from my family please illustrate that what are buyer requests and how to send them?


As a new user you should first look through the forums to see if your questions have been answered before and look for advice. Buyer requests are simply requests made by buyers who are looking for work to be done.

For example, a buyer may be looking for a logo design, but there are 1000s of gigs out there which could take a long time to go through. So they send a buyer request and fill out the description and their budget so that sellers can come to them.

For sellers you can view them as follows:

Notice that if you have multiple gigs in different categories you can sort depending on category. When you see a request, read through their brief and look at their budget and decide if it is a project you can do! If yes, then click send offer and fill it out with your offer information.

Note, that almost every buyer request I see has 20+ replies from sellers like us, you need to write an offer that will make you stand out and show that you understand the brief and are capable of carrying out the order. Buyer requests can be helpful for new sellers, but don’t rely solely on them.

Good luck with your selling!


it has been well illustrated from the above post. Just navigate to the (more options on your desktop and you will see buyer request there. very simple!

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Hey Alexanda! Thank you for your much informative instructions. I’ve followed your instructions but there are no buyer requests. What does it mean? It says “No requests found” and I can not also edit it. Can you please guide me what is the next step to follow?

There won’t be requests available to everyone and they are not always visible. Just check that page occasionally. I noticed that when I was a new seller, I only was shown a few buyer requests a day, and normally only at certain times. Just be patient and keep checking, but don’t stress about it.


I’ve got it. But there is a little bit confusion. I have a question that who sends the buuyer requests to sellers?

  • Buyers Themselves or Fiverr?
    and if Fiverr sends the buyer’s requests to sellers then why Fiverr isn’t sending me the requests?

Buyers are sending the requests. These requests get sorted and shown to sellers by fiverr though. There are thousands of buyers and sellers and so each request seems to be shown to only a certain number of sellers. Nobody knows how Fiverr sorts this, or if there is any specific algorithm. That’s why I said, just check back occasionally and see if you have any.


Well! It seems like this is a matter of extreme patience. :sweat_smile: But it’s okay to be patient
Thank you so much Alexanda for your such kindness and your time. It feels so good to be in a so much supportive community. :heart:

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Thanks for this great piece.

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Thanks, dear alexandamedia

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This will help you: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Responding to Buyer Requests).


Excellent response. It also was of immense help to me too

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