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Hey Fiverr. Help a newbie out?

Hey Guys, How is everyone ? :slight_smile:
So it’s been four days since I made an account on Fiverr , till now I have created 4 gigs and I need help. I just want someone to check my Gigs to see if there is any fault in them :slight_smile:
I did my best to create the Gigs but I haven’t had any orders yet.I can wait but if anyone would clarify me about any mistake in my gigs that would be great and highly appreciated.
Thank you !

Hi Nicholas!

Welcome to Fiverr!

My only advice is to be active on Fiverr, and to login at least three times a day.
If your services are competitive, then you should expect the first sales around the end of the first or second week.

Best wishes!

Thank You so much Videolabs for responding , but I would appreciate it more if you would check out my Fiverr Gigs and let me know whether it needs any modification or they are perfect as it is
Thank you :slight_smile:

Stop spamming my inbox.


What ? I am not spamming your inbox I texted you because I needed some advice.GOD Why are you people so scared ? have an open heart for God Sake. JESUS !

Just give up, it’s really impossible for nebies get jobs here :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re in a highly competitive category. When I started here at Fiverr I had to do a LOT of $5 gigs with high word counts. If it were me I’d lower my prices and over deliver on everything until you hit level 2 status. Then, once you have a few raving fans and nice reviews about the quality of your work you can slowly start to “raise your prices.”

I still over-deliver today. I charge more to turn on my camera but I ALWAYS give my buyers more than they ordered. So, if someone buys one of my gigs with a $30 minimum they may grumble a little when they’re placing the order but when I deliver their order its all smiles!

In your case, maybe you charge $5 for a logo but when you deliver it give the buyers an extra version or an unadvertised, higher quality version (something you’d normally consider an EXTRA. Or, deliver it ULTRA FAST!

I don’t want to knock anyone’s work but I can tell you there’s a lot of room for people in the logo category who take pride in their work.

Good luck to you NIcholas!

Hello, you must be confused to what emmaki meant by spamming. Fiverr inboxes are strictly for inquiries on their gigs. Unless you are interested in ordering their gig, messages unrelated to any of their gigs are considered spam. Everyone has their own different style of services, so just try your best. I’m quite new as well, but I’m starting to get some orders.

Not into graphic design, so my assessment of your gigs would be off. Above all I think you should give it more time, make research on fiverr bout your gigs and use your buyers request properly, you just need your first sale, impress your buyer and i think more will come.
Good Luck.

What @kyeh1124 said, basically. I get plenty of messages–I really don’t need messages that start with “hi” then the next message after I am (forced!) to respond is “I have a question”.

That’s just wasting time. Ask the question in your initial message. I’d still tell you off for spamming. So there’s a tip. It’s nothing to do with “being scared”–and if you’ve done this to a lot of other people, you may have some reporting you to Fiverr. Guess what? That can get your messaging restricted, and even your account banned.

That’s all you’re getting in advice for me. Don’t be so defensive. You’re in the wrong. Accept it and move on. Well… one more tip: when someone gives you a tip like @videolabs did, don’t then dismiss it and ask for specific advice. That’s just rude.

@jonufele it’s really not impossible. But if you’re just going to give up like that, then I suppose it’s a self-defeating, self-perpetuating myth.

I think I agree with emmaki…sending a message that says, “HI”…not cool. I will always help people as it’s in my nature but I have a short temper when it comes to wasting my time… and messages that say, “hi???”… I think emmaki was pretty nice. :slight_smile:

Don’t get gun shy…learn from it and move on. You’ll be fine.

Alright as I said I am new to Fiverr so I didn’t know that contacting anyone other than for ordering Gigs would be Considered as a spam :slight_smile: My apologies to everyone.PEACE ! And Thanks GodFather for such Helpful Tips I Appreciate it :slight_smile: Really.
@Mistalim Got your Point Thanks :slight_smile:
@Kyeh Oh man thank you for your clarification of what spam really is :slight_smile: will keep in mind next time
@Emmaki I am sorry.Peace Out Guys