Hey Fiverr. Help a newbie out?


I am newbie as the title says :smiley:
Anyway, It has been 11 Days since I have started Fiverr. I have Five Gigs Currently Active. I have a Gig Video Added on 3 of my Gigs.But still I am not getting any orders at all :frowning: it is discouraging. I am offering exceptional service for a very low price. Thoughts ?


If you haven’t yet used Buyer requests than go ahead and do that, you can refer more on that from here

Submitting Buyer Requests

Then share your gig on your social media profiles, if you can invest in your gig by advertising your gig through facebook and instagram.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


I do know about buyer requests and i send them each day still no orders :frowning:


The thing is no one can guarantee we’ll have any orders


The same problem despite I am designer with professional and I think it just a matter of time, good luck


I would suggest you to promote your service outside fiverr to get the ball rolling,once you hit few sells & get few reviews up, You will get sells from fiverr on a regular basis. Try to promote your service to the forum,blogs related to your service.


You have to match the job requirements perfectly.


This is how the way to out

Click the Logout session.


i am exactly going through the same phase. its discouraging but I guess we just got to stick to it and soon our luck will shine too :sunny: :slight_smile:



Keep your profile updated with right set of skills, explore the Buyer request tab and check what are the current needs of buyers and submit your bid bye giving a brief introduction about your offering. Good Luck :slight_smile: