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Hey Full Time Fiverr's & Freelancers, I've got a question for you!

Are you full time exclusively to Fiverr or do you use other online freelancing websites?

I am working FULL TIME on fiverr and nowhere else actually, Fiverr is also my main income

I’m here and at eight other spots.

I have a related question, does anyone know other freelancing site that doesn’t require real picture for avatar and submitting degrees?

About the degrees part, I just think it’s ridiculous so I don’t want to do it. Some of us are self learning, didn’t go to school and of course didn’t have any degree, but we’re able to do the job. For example, I do drawing and I’m very sure people can learn drawing by themselves. I do have a degree, but I’m (and many others are) not a native English, and of curse the papers isn’t in English or another common language (i.e: Spanish), how do they know it’s actually a college degree and not a birth certificate? Yet, if this is a must, I guess I’ll just go with it. The thing really buzz me is the real picture thing.

About the real picture, I personally don’t like uploading my picture for all strangers to see, it’s just my preference. I’d be okay if it’s just submitting picture for them (the owners of the site) to review and be certain that I’m real (just like submitting degree). But I want to use my logo as my avatar picture.

I know they’re asking for all of those to ensure the freelancers aren’t scammers, but to me they’re just trying to stop us from registering.

@miacmht You don’t have to use your actual picture if you don’t want to. I’ve seen lots of users on another site I’m on that use personal logos and or images they created. The other sites I’m on either focus on writing or illustration.

I don’t know of any freelance that doesn’t require what you mentioned but not providing that information shouldn’t be a deciding factor of getting an account.

Reply to @miacmht: I’m quite sure we aren’t allowed to inform you about another freelance platform but even if we could, I’m sure no one has a good alternative to fiverr.

Fiverr is absolutely NO DOUBT, the BIGGEST freelance platform. They get so much traffic, it’s unreal. I know all other platforms, and there is not 1 that comes CLOSE to the traffic fiverr receives.

Check it out for yourself:

If you have a website with a global rank UNDER 100.000 than you have a very good website with a lot of traffic. Fiverr has a global rank of 137 at the moment. That means it is the 137th MOST VISITED website of the world.

Fiverr is also the most easiest platform to work with compared to all others. If you can’t make it here, you’re gonna have a really hard time to make it somewhere else.

Don’t give up, others did it on fiverr, you can do it do.

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@heronimus: I’m level 2 so I’d say my business here is good enough. But I don’t want to settle on just one place, it’s risking if the site disappear for any reason.


topaz_muse said: not providing that information shouldn’t be a deciding factor of getting an account.

Yes, you could get an account, but wouldn’t be able to apply for a job or your account would be mark as “not verified” and no one will trust you.

I’m full time on fiverr. I don’t like the whole bidding, competition crap on the other sites I’ve tried. Fiverr makes it super easy, just post my gig and wait…well not so much waiting anymore. It would be nice if fiverr had some features like buyer block, purchase approval and the option to select your portfolio pictures, but overall it really is a great platform.

I use other platforms as well as my own referrals and contacts. This is mainly because I can get a LOT more money outside the site. I love fiverr, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to make a living. Besides I need to have a safety net in case something happens to the site.

I found, Fiverr much better than other sites. I can set what I can offer and at what rate, that’s why I like fiverr. I tried other sites, but that weren’t benefiting me because of price war there. I get projects directly from my site too.

Reply to @mcromano: That’s very true as was several weeks ago when one of the sites I worked on went offline. If not for the others I probably would have been up a creek without a paddle and boat.