Hey, gig finally appeared on Fiverr's home page, 5th down, 1st listed without a feature!


Happy New Year, everyone. I could not figure out today why one of my gigs was generating so many messages in my Fiverr inbox and just happened to notice my “Website Commercial/Video Testimonial” gig on Fiverr’s home page.

I am amazed that this happened, but my question to anyone here is, how did this happen and what did I do right? Is this just randomly selected by the moderators?



Thanks, Ang, but it got no orders yet, just leads.


Congratulations again Bruce! It’s random, but there is another way to get on it. I’m not going to post it here though. But I noticed, when I was on there, my gig would get pushed off the first half of the homepage as other gigs got placed there. But I generated more orders when I was on there. One time I was on the home page for 2-3 days, and I was knocking orders out fairly quickly and maintaining a good feedback rating. I don’t know if that helped me stay on it, but I definitely miss those days. Now that particular gig is featured, so I can’t reap the “homepage” benefits like I use to. I still get messages & orders but not like I did when I was constantly on the homepage. Another thing I learned is, its better to get on the homepage during certain times to maximize visibility.



Seems random, there are some pretty poor ones on the first page (that I can see, maybe different by location / person, who knows) that have no orders, no feedback etc but they are getting the best position, strange ?

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Reply to @musiclover: Thanks for the insight, Nakita.


Reply to @jeffmoses: Yeah, I don’t get it either, but if it is random, that is fine.

madmoo said: It's a weird time of year. People are on holiday so I wouldn't be too concerned. At least they've seen you and been in touch - that's a good start.

Thanks, I need that.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Watching you succeed has made me more inspired too.


Congrats! :smiley:


Reply to @shawnecannon: Thanks, dude.


That is great Bruce, glad you made the cut


I always thought your gigs were quality, Jo. I am somewhat surprised to see some poorly rated gigs (or with many failures to complete on time) with lots of exposure. I agree, there are many on the front page that have promise and deserve the opportunity to shine.


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Thanks A$hley.


Reply to @mintyone: Hey MintyOne. I hope you included my gigs in that list to shine :wink:

oldbittygrandma said: Look at that awful watermark. What was I thinking?? LOL!!

You became a superseller. That's all that counts.