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Hey graphic designers, I have a question for you!

Hi :wave:t2:
So, here’s the question: PORTFOLIO.

I know very well that a Portfolio is one of the fundamental things for a graphic designer. It’s great to have a document/folder/website where the buyer can have a look at all your previous works. BUT, isn’t that risky? People can easily take inspiration or in the worst scenario, copy it or save your work and pretend it’s theirs… What do you think?

I am asking this, because I don’t really like my Live Portfolio in my gigs because most of them show the file with transparent background and it’s not very appealing. Is there a tip to choose which file in the delivery will appear in your Gig’s Live Portfolio?

Any help and response is very appreciated!
Thank you in advance :blush:


You can user your own watermark if it helps.

I am not entirely sure, but I think it has to do with the order you upload your media. I think the first one will be shown in your live portfolio. But dont mark my words on it! Maybe you can find information abou it in the FAQs they are quite detailed.

i think give watermark is better.

You have full control over what will be displayed in your portfolio in case client selects to show it. You can send extra file that will be in proper dimensions for Fiver Gig and set that as your portfolio image.

I have a lot of services that are not visually presentable (no image produced in service) so I make special image to add in the delivery and set it as portfolio image.

Her question has nothing to do with watermark.

You can select what image will be used to be in your portfolio and the client can select to accept for it to be visible or not.


This is how you select.


That’s why I will never provide them with my private portfolio.
Especially not the one that I normally will charge more than 5 bucks :laughing:
Mostly I make a rough concept or sketch based on their individual needs to show and that’s it.
That’s how I do it and maybe this information helps you to decide how you will do it.

But I don’t have so many buyer so far to tell exactly if it’s the right way.
I just think if it’s a real buyer he/she won’t bother you too much with the portfolio stuff and would make the decision based on the rough sketch or concepts. But not sure! Lack of experiences :grin:

Oooohhh! I’ve never noticed that!!! Thank you for showing that to me!

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