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Hey guys, a little help?


I’m trying to sell my 13 gigs. I’ve promoted and advertised in the forums and I made a blog ( to help me get a bit more exposure. I’ve been on for 12 days and I’ve made 2 sales. I’ve seen people sell ten times that much in that amount of time. :frowning: Is there something I’m doing terribly wrong? One of my friends does Fiverr as a part-time job, which I really need right now. Help me out here!

-Sarah Jade


Hi Sarah and welcome to the Fiverr income opportunity. 12 days in the business and 2 sales is already a good start. Yes, like you, I admire those that are making thousands with Fiverr, but time will come that new comers will wonder how come YOU are so successful. So, don’t despair, you have great Gigs and time will come when you will become popular.

What’s very important is that your deliver a perfect job. When delivering, do that with a thank you message and ask for a Positive Comment. This is important as the more positive comment you will have the more you will attract interest. And suggest your other Gigs.

Advertise, everywhere you can. I make use of my huge social networks to promote my Gigs, it works very well. In fact, I have a Gig especially designed to help Fiverr sellers promote their Gigs (check my Gigs).

Participate in forums, in particular in the Fiverr forum and also the Fiverr LinkedIn Group. Just about anything that you can think of to spread the word, do it.

Best wishes of success Sarah :bz


Sarah the only thing you lack is patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day and being a successful seller on Fiverr simply can’t be done ‘quickly’. You need to build a reputation, get positive Feedback because of excellent work and ‘tweak’ your Gigs as you go.

2 sales in 12 days for a complete newb is actually pretty good, considering you’re just a small fish in a very big Fiverr pond. Fiverr isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ website, it actually takes work, patience and some skill.


Instead of promoting everywhere. You can do one thing. Promote at place where there is demand to your work. I am doing that right now and slowly that is working out for me. It takes time to get the clients to the gig though.


I think the issue for you is that you’re stretching yourself too thin. Rather than try to focus on multiple types of gigs, pick one you think is the most important to you.

What you then should do is make a video about it even if you feel a video isn’t needed, as videos generally get higher indexing on Fiverr. Do Keyword research to pick ideal keywords people are searching for, and research on the most ideal category for you that isn’t too competitive. In relation to keyword research it’s all about SEO when it comes to orders. 99% of my orders come from people finding me on a specific keyword that I took the time to research ahead of time. You could always hire someone for SEO keyword research or you can spend some time and do some basic search engine optimization yourself.

I like to reference this guys thread if you want kind of an initial starter help to figure out how to do some basic seo for yourself,


hey Sarah! you have talent! Add videos to your gigs & show people your personality. People will want to buy from you. Throw your personality into your gig Titles with a fun descriptive adjective, be original. Do you do self portraits? I can help.