Hey guys, any advice on how to improve my gigs? art related


Hey guys, so I made a few gigs such as https://www.fiverr.com/rodricksteal/draw-an-adorable-pet-portrait with the goal of getting my first order, I made the price super low because I had no orders when the price was slightly higher, but no improvement. I promote it on social media, I get traffic, but no orders, so I guess my gigs themselves are flawed? Can you please take a look and give me your honest impressions, that would be really great!


I’ve moved your post to ‘Improve My Gig’ - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Make sure that you’ve got your live portfolio turned on for your gigs, so that when you deliver an order, the buyer can choose to display their work in your portfolio. :wink:


I LOVE your drawings, and I do not understand why you haven’t gotten any orders yet. (Well, just the one.)

I suggest you use your gig image to show a before & after. On the left, a photo of a pet, and on the right, your rendering.

Your portrait thing is your best opportunity, I think. If you can draw backgrounds, too, your stuff will have lots of commercial application, and once you’re discovered, you’ll have tons of work on Fiverr.

Best of success to you. You are truly one of the most talented people to wander into Improve My Gig in along time.


Wow what a compliment! I appreciate all of your suggestions and I will try them out, thank you.