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Hey guys, could use some helpful tips on the gig :)

My name is Suren and yesterday I posted my first ever gig on fiver. I noticed that no matter how I search for my gig it just doesn’t come up… is that normal? Also I would love some of constructive criticism on the gig itself… does it look good? Anything I’m doing wrong or perhaps could do better? Let me know I’d love to talk :slight_smile:

Some tips :-

  1. Research on creating gig by saw your competitor gig and then make yours.
  2. Stay Active on Fiverr
  3. Sent Buyer Request regularly in the proper way, do not copy paste.
  4. Share your gig on the social media platform.
  5. Stay Fiverr Forum, that’s benefited for you.
  6. Do not guess anything about your buyer. Give a top to bottom map or overview of the project that will clear more about your project.
  7. Replying within just few minutes can increase your chances of selling.
  8. Provide your buyers with a good experience, and they will become your loyal customers.

I think it’s helpful for you.

Good Luck…:heart::heart:


Um, are people looking on Fiverr for trick cyclists? Why not. I guess they pay for psychotics so why not you. (please not I am being humorous and I have a right to both as I initially studied psych and later earned a crust with tarot). BTW do you have a qualification? You don’t show one.

I think you really need to harness the power of video to start to create the intimacy needed. I wouldn’t buy you unless I saw you speak (or had read the book in which case I’d be on your site instead).

Don’t use stock images with no purpose - they scream thoughtless. You can put them behind your talking head. Oh and make sure you use nice music not stuff that sounds like it came from a free library designed to make people want to die :wink: I may be fussier about music than most seeing that is what I do but meh music makes everyone feel meh, even if they pretend otherwise.


Hahaha thank you so much that was funny and helpful! I will add a video very soon… working on it now!

Yes Sir! Thank you very much very helpful tips I will follow them to a tee!

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