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Hey Guys! how much time or what should do to get to level 1?

someone told me I need to get to level 1 so I could see more buyers requests.
any tips how to do it ? or should I just wait…
I only Have 6 days on Fiverr


Check out this link


thank you so much for the reply
that’s so hard to accomplish as a new seller :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

I guess it’s this way so only those who are actually skilled and don’t give up easily can obtain certain levels. Good luck with your gigs.

Make sure all your gigs are clear enough (eg. gig titles) and in the best subcategory for what you’re doing and that tags are most related to what people would search to find your gigs.

Also use packages. eg. someone might not have a very big website for the $400 translation fee. They might just have a website with a few pages and might want a lower cost website translation. Using packages would allow different number of words/web pages.

You could add a couple of additional active gigs too. That might increase the probability of orders/reviews.


fair enough I guess
thank you :smiley: :smiley:

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thank so much ! that’s a really good advice ! I will modify both of my gigs
I already got to orders completed but I don’t find buyers requests all the time – like 2 or 3 per day

PS : I put 400$ for a website cause I already have a great experience with websites translation I have done many similar projects with that price (big websites) …so that pages idea is very brilliant ! it did not came to my mind ! thank youuu