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Hey guys I am new here need some helo


Hi guys, I am new member of your community, still trying to start my career here.hoping to get your support, guidance and help in growing my gigs & sales.

Thank you and nice to hearing from you all.


Welcome friend:bouquet: My congratulations on your success!


Thanks a lot for encouraging words…


Just keep waiting guys and stay on the game and keep trying…


Keep try wish you best of luck:)


You are from march why you not have any sell yet?


I am still trying to find an answer to that question. but don’t know what has happen. if you can just give a little help…



You promote your gigs? be online, send buyer request.


Share your gigs links here on forum.


Don’t discourage him . Getting first order isn’t easy for all. If depends on number of factors. You can get on very next day or may have to wait months ! . All we need is patience.


You need to reply to requests placed by buyers. You can send offer to those requests daily. Be professional and clear about you work.


I didn’t discourage him, I want to know that he do all these thing or not.


He himself doesn’t knows why no sales ? He is new and needs our help.


Thanks guys…I did all that things will see in future. if you can just give me a little help to up my gig.



You should try to find buyer request in these timings;
4 to 5 AM 11 to 12 AM during 1 PM
7 to 8 PM 11 to 12 PM
check buyer request in these hour again and again.


I don’t think time is an essential part as described here. If it was helpful, your time zone might be different from other readers here.


Hmm it is but when I try in these timings I found buyer request so I suggest him to try in these timing it may helpful.


Welcome and I hope you have great success here!

See you around,
Advek Branding


thank you I will keep in touch…


You needed a helo, you got yourself a helo!