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Hey Guys I Just Completed My first Order

On my Logo design gig (I’ll link it) I got my 1st order which the person left me a 5 star review and called me the best seller on Fiverr. Probably because I spent Great Logo Design For His Company. I’m just a little mad that Fiverr took 3$ off of my 15 dollar payment but whatever. Can you guys tell your first order stories?

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Congratulations, hopefully the first of many to come :slight_smile:

Well why would you be mad? Fiverr has got to take some of what you make, considering they take care of a lot of things for you on the platform, allowing you to make sales.

I don’t have a first order story as I’m still (actively) waiting for it :sweat_smile:

Congratulation wish you all the best

Thanks You Very Much…

Good work and all the best for future. Just how long did it take to get the job? Starting out here myself so wondering. :slight_smile:

Thanks For Your Valuable Wishes Just One Month.

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congratulations man :slight_smile:

Congratulations… Keep up the good work

Congratulations to you.:grinning: