Hey guys, I’m a total newbie here


Hey guys, I’m Laceigh, total newbie and have sold up to 6 GIGs and have gotten 5 Stars since i joined Fiverr this year no idea how to promote myself. Can anyone give me some tips?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Use your 10 Buyer Requests Everyday
  2. Give Best of Best Services To your Clients on Cheap Price
  3. Check your Gigs Status Every day if is Going Down then Change the Title , Images and Description to get a Good Result .
  4. Stay Online Each time :slight_smile:

Best Of Luck :slight_smile:

I feel like I am new to everything!

Hi Since you have completed 6 orders so now gig is running on search now try to share gigs on social media sites you will get order every day




It looks like you are doing well to have 6 orders already. :wink:


Actually, am an online expert when it comes to language that people speak online. To sell and have high conversion rate, you must have the ability to convert visitors into customer. You must render service that will be able to turn your customer to returning customer.

Is as simple as closing your eyes and let your business speak for you.