Hey guys i need help [RESOLVED]


Ok so I tried to Make a preview for my video to my gig but when I press set as preview nothing happens
what can I do to fix this?



Check Your Internet Connection!


Set it as preview, close and save.

The important bit is to wait for a few hours to check it - do this in a different browser as well if you can.

It will change, but I spent a whole day once doing this, as I failed to check in another browser.

If after a day, it hasn’t changed, than ask CS. :slight_smile:


it will take few hours to show previews :slight_smile: So you should be patience :slight_smile:


well I have no problem with my internet connection


i waited for 6 hours now but the problem is not fixed


Have you tried a different browser where you’re not logged in to Fiverr to check?

I do all my editing and stuff using Chrome, but my video preview changes don’t show.

If I use Firefox on the same computer, but not logged in, the changes show up.

You could probably achieve the same by clearing your browser cache etc. :slight_smile:


it is finally fixed using this method thanks offlinehelpers


Uc Browser is Also Good.


try again after some time


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hahah, no i bet never heard of him